How to speed up wu's?

I'm running W2K on a 1G Tbird and have just used the screensaver version. Would the command line version be faster? Would it work with W2K and if so what is the procedure for changing? I am asking this because my laptop at 400M seems almost as fast as my desktop.
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  1. The cmd version is a lot faster then the gui version. All you have to do is download it from <A HREF="http://" target="_new">i386-winnt-cmdline.exe</A> Put it into a folder and execute it. It will ask you for your logon (e-mail address) and it will download your workunit.
    2 other good utilities to use with the cmd line version is seti driver and seti spy.

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  2. In addition, when you run seti, don't run any screensaver - the more pretty the saver, the more cpu it uses. Blank screens are ideal and achieve the same thing.

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  3. Thanks for everyone's help but I was also concerned about command line compatability with W2K if anyone has any experence. Guess I'll just try it.
  4. totally compatible. I run mine in the background. set a job in sceduler to start when the pc starts. You don't see it.

    Shutdown, and it just stops. You can kill it without restarting using task manager. Simple.

    Been running for a while now - no probs.

    The start/stop issues are when you use setispy or similar to keep it alive. when you shut down windows, windows shuts it, then setispy starts it again (thinking it crashed) and you get an error. Just shut setispy/driver first, if you use it.

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