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I have been asked to create a DVD video of pictures that are put to music. I want to be able to slide the pictures in, and do some cool effects with it. What program is the easiest to do this with. Adobe Premiere?

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  1. any DVD authoring software allow that, but WinDVD creator, or the DVD authoring from the latest Roxio or Nero suite will do it good too. I use DVD builder from Roxio Easy media creator with good success..

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  2. if you can get your hands on premier, then use it. it's the best out there. the others will do the job too but they won't offer you the same flexibility that premier does. only thing is that premier isn't designed to be as "consumer friendly" as the others and does take a while to figure out.

    if this is just a once off thing then one of the other progs will probably be a better bet, i have used pinnacle studio 9 in the past and it's perfectly competant for small projects but sh*te for big ones.

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  3. Well I was going to use Premiere, but was only given a week to do it. And with working, I really didn't have the time to full around with Premiere. Used Studio 9 and it came out pretty good. Thanks.

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  4. windows movie maker is really good/easy with this.
  5. ulead dvd picture show is the best/fastest/easiest if your just using pictures.
  6. this is what i've found few days ago
    i haven't use it yet but i guess it may help
  7. Quote:
    this is what i've found few days ago
    i haven't use it yet but i guess it may help

    You are 1 year too late for your answer, but may help someone else anyway..
  8. oh sorry, i didn't notice. i just saw the date of the last comment, it's not 1 year old :)
    anyway i just wished to help
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