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I have been playing bf3 alone for a few days and am now looking for a team to play with. Invite if you like. I am fairly good at the game and play as a team. Thanks.
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  1. Hi Jeremy... myself and a few co-workers are in the same boat. We have a 24 slot private ranked server and are always looking for people to play. We are on the east coast so our play time is usually anywhere from 6pm-midnight est.

    Server name is:
    -=Red Shirts=-

  2. We are always looking for a good server to play on. Our clan is small and is all we have left from the ARC clan from BF2142. We had a small group for BC2 and are still working on everyone getting their rigs up to par for BF3. We use SKYPE to communicate and its pretty relaxed and fun for us. SMFD is our platoon.

    dmize1, I will check our your server as we do not have one yet. We are always looking for well admined servers. We are from PA and TX.
  3. Jay... sounds good... its pretty empty with people on vaca...

    Lets play some... I got no problems with you guys playing on it... in fact I'll toss you some admin abilities even.
  4. I checked it out last night and then just now and no one was on it. My soldier name is Mike_R0we (the 0 is a zero).

    Does your group have a platoon setup? I think you can join multiple platoons.

    dmize1 said:
    in fact I'll toss you some admin abilities even.

    That is up to you. I never had admin rights on a server, so I'm a bit unfamiliar. ARC and now SMFD(we might switch back to ARC) is a very fair clans. Alot of us are over 30 or at least mid-late 20's. We are a good group. Always looking for good servers and people to play with.
  5. I just recently picked up a 64 slot BF server, but most of my friends play console games these days. I am always looking for new people to play with. Find me on Battle Log or Origin under orangemang cus it's lonely out here.
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