best replacement for a 1999 Slot 1?

My 1999 Slot 1 has just died...the PIII 500 processor is ok.

What should I consider in a replacement? Do I want a dual processor?
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  1. All the Abit BX motherboards are good. If it's an SECC2 (Coppermine) Slot 1 instead of an SECC (Katmai) Slot 1 CPU, you can easily overclock it to 667MHz at 133FSB.

    Back to you Tom...
  2. THANKS!

    How about this one up on Ebay: The only hangup I can see is only two SDRAM slots - I can insert two of my 128s...but would have to trade up to a 256 if I need to expand.


    Brand New WB6 Pentium® III All-In-One Mainboard With SOFT MENU TM II Technology
    1. Supports Intel Pentium® III 450~800MHz processor cartridge
    2. Supports Intel Pentium® II 300~450MHz processor cartridge
    3. Supports Intel CeleronTM 266~533MHz processor
    4. Reserves support for future Intel Pentium®III processors


    1. Intel® 810E chipset supports 66/100/133MHz Front Side Bus
    2. Supports Ultra DMA33/66 IDE protocol
    3. Supports Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI)


    1. Two 168-pin DIMM sockets support SDRAM module
    2. Supports up to 512MB (8, 16, 32, 64, 128,256MB SDRAM)


    1. Chipset integrated AGP 2X 3D graphics accelerator
    2. 133MHz Dynamic Display Memory Interface
    3. On board 4MB SDRAM Graphics Memory
    4. Optional TV output adapter


    1. AC'97 2.1 Audio CODEC on board
    2. AC'97 Digital Audio controller integrated in ICH


    System BIOS
    1. Award Plug and Play BIOS supports APM, DMI and ACPI
    3. Write-Protect Anti-Virus function by AWARD BIOS
    3. 4M-bit Flash ROM
    4. Year 2000 Compliant


    Multi I/O Functions
    1. 1x Floppy Port (up to 2.88MB floppy drive) for two floppy devices
    2. Two Channels of bus Master IDE Ports supporting up to four Ultra DMA 33/66 devices
    3. 1x Parallel Port
    4. 1x Serial Port
    5. PS/2 Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse Connectors
    6. 2x USB Connectors
    7. IrDA TX/RX header
    8. Wake on LAN header
    9. Wake on Ring header
    10. VGA connector
    11. Audio connector(Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in, and Game Port)


    Hardware Monitoring
    1. Hardware monitoring - Included fan speed, voltages, CPU and system environment temperature
    2. Built-in Thermal Sensor to detect CPU and System temperature


    1. Micro ATX form factor
    2. Three PCI slots and One AMR slot
    3. Supports Keyboard and Mouse Power On
    4. Supports Suspend to RAM (STR) function
    5. Dimensions : 240*195mm
    OMG, the 810 chipset! The worst onboard graphics in the industry with NO AGP SLOT for upgrades! IT's also the SLOWEST shitset on the market for the PIII/Celeron. It was however used in Dell and Hewlett Packards cheapest PC's (the ones you get for a few hundred dollars new) and is the chipset of choice for E-Machines, if that means anything to you!

    Back to you Tom...
  4. No for the 810!

    I repeat what crashman says about the 810.

    Get the Asus P2B-F board, one of the best BX boards ever existed! You could overclock it to 133 MHz FSB to get 667 MHz or maybe around 625 for sure. Multiplier are locked on P-IIIs so you just have the FSB to play with.

    You will lose on 133 MHz support (that could be overcome by overclocking) 4X AGP (the 810 wouldnt have had it anyway) and ATA/100 support, but you seem ok with your current system so thats no problem. you could get a ATA/100 adapter if required and use onboard IDE for legacy drives.


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  5. I aggee, <b><font color=red>DO NOT BUY THIS BOARD!!!</font color=red></b>. I have had a Tyan Trinity 400 S1854. It runs very stable, has a lot of features, and will give you the oportunity to upgrade to a FCPGA process up to 1000 MHZ in the future. The only problem with this particular board is that you cannot overclock it. Ti costs under $100 to :)

    If it works for you then don't fix it.
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