[PS3] BF3 & LA Noire Online Pass/DLC and Multiplayer Problem

I just got BF3 Limited Edition for PS3. The Online Pass Code that came with the game seem to be not working. Is this only in my side or a lot experience this problem also? Whenever I enter the code in the "Redeem Code" Page it says Invalid Key or Expired Key. Sure as hell its not expire since the game was released like 5 days ago.

Also whenever i enter the Multiplayer in the game it says "Connection to EA Server Lost" and when I press X it goes to an endless loading screen. I wanted to know if this is a worldwide problem and not just in my side. I can't play Multiplayer because of this Online Pass thing

at the time I bought BF3 I also bought LA Noire for PS3 too. The Game came with the "Naked City and the Badge Challenge" DLC and the Code is also not working. I tried to ask support.rockstar.com but they haven't replied.

Hope you guys could help me with this. Its my first time buying a game that has "redeem Codes" with it.
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  1. YEAH! The same thing happened to me! a bunch of my friends have had problems connecting with EA, Ha! "EA in the game" my ass... im just going to wait a couple more days and see if its just down and cant register my code...im pretty pissed tho... :pfff:
  2. It seems weird that their servers would be bogged down now. I preordered the game and my online pass, back to karkland, and physical warefare pack all authenticated fine on day 1.

    Anyhow, hopefully they have it resolved soon.
  3. Well I just finished the game. At this moment the game is useless since I can't still access the game's Multiplayer. EA/DICE better fix the Online Passes that SHOULD work but is not working. They should also bring up another set of patches. The Game is a bit unstable in the PS3. Sometimes it goes in a endless loop and sometimes it gives me a whitescreen in the gameplay or a hang. <_<
  4. You need to bring the game back to where you purchased it to get a new online code. I've seen several articles like this one (which I can't find at the moment) that refer to both PS3 and Xbox.

  5. Don't send the game back. All you need is to setup a PSN account with a new ID. In the region the game is from. Use the Key. then start the game. In reference to BF3 the online key must match up with the disk and psn account. You need to have them all from one region, the region the game came from.
  6. Well if that is the case then its a bummer. I don't want to make a PSN account just for a single game. I will still try bring it back to the store.

    I also don't know what region my BF3 Copy is...
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