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my battlefield will not play for ten minutes is it windows 7 my old computer play fine it has vista 32 bit how bad is this old vs new old win my new computer is 870 i7 560 gtx it 16 gig ram 60 silod state drive old quad core 6600 gts 8800 4 gig ram
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  1. BF3 crashes all the time for me too, mostly in certain campaign spots and my system is better than yours (i7 2600k, gtx 570, etc etc).

    I think the game is just really buggy and poorly finished. Hopefully they will release some patches? If you figure something out, let me know.

    P.S. I'm running it on Win 7 Pro 64 bit
  2. Hmm. . . . . . may be that will be the problem of os try refresh it and then see it
  3. Do u guys have the latest fixes and video driver optimized for the Battlefield 3, especially nVidia cards?
  4. I have constant crashing in it too.

    I had crossfired 6850's. and today switched to a 560 ti, the crashes have decreased in frequency but are still present. Really can't figure out whats causing it. I think it may just be a buggy game. Probably going to reinstall windows tomorrow, see how that helps.
  5. My pc is brand new, I installed a clean win 7 a few days before the game came out. I got my driver from the Nvidia battlefield geforce line so it's good.

    My multiplayer works OK but still occasionally the game will freeze and boot me out. The campaign is ridiculous though. I'm at a spot now where I crash pretty much on load from one mission (Operation Guillotine). Unfortunately, I'll probably just have to redo the whole campaign.

    Really disappointed at the build quality of the game. Sure the visuals are bar none but the "buggyness" and problems kills the experience. I've looked at a bunch of reads and lots of other players having the same issues.
  6. Lots of comments on Nvidia forums for this issue. I was finding most common specs were Gigabyte boards but I see one of you has Asus!

    I read that the Realtek devices are causing issues, I disable my NIC and Sound, disabled my motherboards overclock utility and so far so good!
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  8. 2 items I have found that solved issues in BF3. Update drivers. Set game to AUTO video settings. It is VERY demanding and I don't try AA at all. Auto seems to set everything how it should be for 60FPS.
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