Battlefield 3 "Input Lag"

i have this irritaiting problem where the mouse lags when i look around in BF3. eaither in Co-op, single or in multi. As that wasent enough sometimes i also input lag with keybord, so when i move around the character glides back and forth. its really unplayable. and sometimes it works just fine.

Any help would really be apprieciated.
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  1. get a free copy of fraps... and see if the lag coincides with an fps drop.
  2. sure i give it a try

    Edit: It wasent any FPS drops, The game works perfectly and i see everyone play without any lag. only my aim lags when i look around or try to turn around
  3. I am having a similar problem. My FPS doesn't change while the lag is happening. All of my actions happen about 5 seconds after I perform them and at like half the normal speed. Alt tabbing back and forth to the game about 10 times seems to fix it.

    I have two 6950s in crossfire. First time this happened I couldn't solve it, and trying to uninstall the CAP and driver (12.1 and 11.12 CAP 2) would make me bluescreen. I reformatted windows. This time I'm using 11.11 and the CAP that goes with that version, and the issue persists. This doesn't happen in any other game, so I'm pretty sure it's BF3.
  4. Give this a shot. Turn off the Origin in-game overlay. Here's a youtube vid from a guy that quickly walks you through it.

    I still have the same issue occassionally.. I have a beast system and it tends to get worse on high player-count servers.
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