Can i run battlefield 3

Can my computer run bf3 smoothly? And how high can i go without compromising the gameplay/ smooth sleek gameplay, etc,?
Windows 9
ATI Raedon HD 5700 series
physx Nividea 32 bit
model dell computers studio xps 8100
intel core processor i7 cpu @ 2.80 Hz 2.80 GHZ quad
RAM 8.00 gb
64 bit operating system
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  1. what graphics card do you have. a 5700 series isnt too descriptive and you say you have windows 9???? idk about that.
  2. Which of the 5700 series? That is something we need to know. Also, do you mean windows 7?

    I would say from the info I got, you could run it on medium at best and on low most probable.
  3. It runs on high details, 1680x1050, on a HD 5770 here, 40-50 FPS, single player campaign, have no idea of multiplayer, I do not play that.
  4. I am sure he means windows 7 but Nvidia PhysX with a Radeon card? I dont think so...
  5. plz list full specs... accurately... And from what I'm looking at from what you've given me, probably low settings...
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