WinXP Home with Dual Core CPU?

Hi everybody,

Well, does WinXP Home support dual-core CPU, such as Pentium-D? It seems that only WinXP Pro supports multi-CPU config. How about dual-core? Any idea? Thanks for any input!
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  1. I am just wondering...since Dell is selling their new Dimension 9100 machines (with P-D CPU) with WinXP Home. It seems that they don't care about it, right? Interesting...
  2. In fact, I just bought a 9100 with XP Home installed. Anyway, I will re-install XP Pro tomorrow once it arrived. Just wondering how many people will know this problem and keep using their dual-core machines with XP Home.
  3. Let me drop them an email tormorrm and see how they are going to reply.
  4. Home version does not support multiprocessors, Pro does.

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  5. Wait wait wait.. how do you figure Pro is free??

    Little known fact.. if your company is in a Microsoft VLK agreement, you can take any of that Microsoft software home and install it on your home company while you're employed by that company..

    But how do you figure Pro is free?
  6. WAREZ BABY - Corperate Style. :wink:

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  7. I have two legit VLK copies.. I was just wondering how everyone was entitled to a free copy. :)

    I actually.. I have every piece of Microsoft software with legit keys.. Hmm..
  8. bah :) I VLK keys for all M$ products - office, workstation, servers, exchange, SMS, etc. :)

    They're all legit, not off warez sites, yada yada.

    It's good to have the stuff to learn. I talked with a M$ rep and he told me that they don't care if you steal their products for home use.. because that just causes Companies to buy their product since that's what the people already know.

    Microsoft's best thing is all the pirating of their software.. forcing companies to buy what people know, instead of buying the a potential better product on the market.

    You and I are helping M$ get rich..heh.
  9. Well they didn't give ME a copy for free, so HOW IS IT FREE?
    I can dl it and use a key but that's far from a free copy.

    sorry, we're post crossing,,,, didn't catch the answer in time.
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  10. yeah yeah

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  11. I haven't looked but I know some where you can download ISO's of Microsoft products. They require a valid key to use, so the ISO is effectively worthless to almost everyone.. aside from those who know how to hunt down a valid key, or have access to one, or who have ruined their original disc and need a replacement.
  12. Can you post a link?

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  13. ok, ya got me. I didn't find a link on Microsoft to download it. I haven't tried in recent years I should have mentioned, but I do know that at one point you were able to download the ISO or order the CD over for $5 without a product key.
    But if you trek through the newgroups, I think you might be able to find a link that might allow you to download the iso. The real good stuff tends to be hidden to most people and available within the newgroups by M$ employee posts.

    But I did find a neat way of creating a Windows XP Installation CD from a recovery disk:

    If you have a Recovery CD from your computer manufacturer, the Recovery CD will install the Windows installation files to a folder, normally to C:\I386 or C:\Winnt\I386 or C:\Windows\I386 . Open the Windows Explorer and look for them. Make sure you have the file Winnt.exe, Winnt32.exe and EULA.txt. Each version of Windows has a different number of files and almost all the files will be compressed so they will have an underscore at the end of the file extension like "Shell32.dl_"

    You can do a search for the folder I386. You will need to copy the entire folder to your CD burner. Do not change the name of the folder and do not make it a sub folder as in E:\Windows\I386 , it must be E:\I386. This folder will contain about 1000 or more files, in some cases nearly 1500 files.

    The I386 Folder can be found by unhiding files and folders. (Explorer, Tools, Options, View.)

    Now comes the easy part, getting the Windows CD Key. The NT platform does not store the CD Key in the Registry in plain text as on the Windows 9x platform. It stores only the Product ID, which is different each time you reinstall windows. So you will need to check your computer for it. My coputer has a Windows CD Key pasted to the bottom of it. Your Recovery CD may have it on its label, or your paper work has it written somewhere.
    You can also retrieve it, as I did, using the Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder (

    1. Follow these instructions to copy any OEM drivers. (NB I have NOT checked this out fully at this stage.)

    If you have proprietary hardware or if you are not sure if you do, you should copy all your drivers to the CD as well. Most of the manufacturers use some proprietary hardware to cut costs in manufacturing. When Windows installs the hardware many times it sees that it needs a standard Windows driver like Serial.vxd. But the manufacturer's hardware may need a different driver. So they either rewrite the standard Serial.vxd or replace it with their own version of the driver once Windows installs it.

    To determine which ones they are use the Device Manager. Right Click the My Computer Icon on your desktop, select Properties, click the Device Manager tab, now click on the plus sign, next to the CDROM icon. The first one should be CD-ROM. Click on the CD-ROM device(s). Now select the properties button and then the Drivers Tab. Now select Driver File Details. If the button is grayed out then there are no required drivers that you will need to copy. If not copy all the files in the window that appears after you click on the Driver File Details button. Many of these files may not be needed. But better safe than sorry.
    These were the files which I copied for this particular machine.

    Driver files copied to the I386 folder:


    2. With all the driver files copied to the I386 Folder I then burned the entire I386 Folder with all of its contents to a CDR.

    3. Now the tricky part. You need these files from a regular XP CD to get it to Autorun and to identify it as SP1.

    If your installation is XP Home you MUST use files from an XP Home CD.
    If your installation is XP Professional you MUST use files from an XP Professional CD.


    You should now have a bootable Autorun XP SP1 CD.

    4. Install AutoStreamer 1?0 and make sure that you have either the Free Microsoft SP2 CD or the 266Mb SP2 file from the MS Download Centre Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers (

    With the file name: WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe if you have an English language system.

    If you have the Free SP2 CD copy the entire contents of the file to a folder on a hard-drive. (See: Screen-Shot.)

    In this instance the CD-ROM drive is G: and the Service Pack File window reads F:\XPSP2\XPSP2.EXE

    If you had the 266Mb download the Sevice Pack File line would read F:\XPSP2\WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe

    After AutoStreamer Analyses the Service Pack File it will show the build. E.G. Build 5.1.2600.2180.(SP2)

    Press NEXT and type in the .ISO file name for the new file. I.E. F:\XPSP2\XPHOMESP2.ISO

    Now click FINISH to build the .ISO file. (This takes about 25 minutes.)

    5. When the .ISO file is complete exit AutoStreamer and burn a CD-ROM(ISO) from the newly made .ISO file. (I use NERO Burning to do this.)

    The finished result will be an XPSP2 CD, either Home or Professional, according to your particular installation, made from YOUR files in the I386 folder on your drive.

    6. You should now be able to use this XPSP2 CD on your OEM installation to run SFC /SCANNOW or to do a clean install of XP when you no longer require the use of any of your outdated OEM software, or if you ever fit a new drive and don't want to do an OEM install procedure, as I did. (I had to buy the full version of XP Professional as I didn't already have XP.)


    It is up to you to test this CD as to its suitability. I accept NO responsibility for what YOU do with YOUR computer.

    I just hope that it may help you, if you so need it.

    Original reference Creating a Windows Installation CD from your Recovery Disk (
  14. That's nice!
    I have a recovery disk from a sony vaio.
    Now I only need time to make the CD.

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  15. You could probably walk into most computer stores and ask if they can burn you a copy of their windows xp CD and they might charge you 5 dollars.. but you'd get a new CD.. just as long as you use your own key, they shouldn't have a problem with it.
  16. you present a good solution, but my stuff came with Home installed, cuz I wouldn't pay an extra $90 for the Pro version. I'm looking to for the Pro (or Corp.) edition.(legit)
    So, copying the Home stuff to make a boot disk isn't really acomplishing much for me
    I know I can get it other ways. I just read that it was free. But, if it's not readily locateable on the site, then there's no real reason to burn ppl for not having it. (Wusy) You made it sound like M$ was handing it out on street corners dude, that's all.
    ... and the employee newsgroups don't exactly qualify as "on MS website" IMO.
    I was going to load that firefox hack that will load all the internal links from the site to search that way, but I don't have the energy. :(

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  17. Not arguing with you dude, not at all. Didn't mean it to sound that way. Just pointing out that you told the guy
    Why would you want to use Home when Pro is free?

    and it's not exactly that simple. Not everyone is aware of the "freeness" of it. And even those that are apparently find it hard to locate. :wink:

    I was just pointing out that buying from a company pre-cofigged gives you that option, pay extra for Pro or deal with Home.

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  18. lol
    thanx man.

    .. that's funny that you would link to a file that also requires downloading alcohol to burn... :D

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  19. That link does not work :)

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