Drivers to make USB infra red receiver work with keyboard?

Hi all,

So I was wondering, I have a USB infrared receiver for my Packard Bell remote control, but I've since stopped using it in my PB pc and moved it to my Acer pc. Windows 7 64bit picks up the USB receiver, seems to install a driver...but the remote doesn't work. I wasn't too worried about that, but now I've found a Phillips wireless keyboard that operates with IR by the looks of things, and I was wondering:

Is it possible to get the USB receiver to pick up the keyboard? Not too fussed about the remote!

Many thanks
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  1. Wireless and infrared are two different things, infrared only works in line of sight and mostly, but not exlusively used as remote controls. You can't use it to operate a wireless device, an infrared receiver is required.
  2. I doubt it will work, IR standards are not like the newer Bluetooth, it's not designed to know what a device can do, there is no "smarts" to it. So while the IR may be able to technically see the other IR device in the keyboard, it won't know what all the signals mean unless Windows has the right device driver for the keyboard and the IR dongle that will be able to tell it what they keyboard is doing.
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