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I have a 555be unlocks 4 cores but stable only with win 32 bit system. Using the same clock speed only 2 cores are stable with 64 bits. I have a 5750 vid card and intend on crossfire with a 6750 card. Would it be more effective to keep the 32 system and add the 2nd card or purchase win 64?
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  1. If you have 4Gb or more ram then go for 64bit, otherwise there's not much difference.
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    i know this may come across as crass. but as you were using 2.O.S's with different bit rates. you did remember to set hpet mode each time you swaped o.s...
    if you didnt then that may be the reason your 4 cores are unstable with 64bit.

    also 64bit isnt needed if you have less than 4 gig... having less than 4 gigs is the only reason you should use 32bit. if you have more then theres no real excuse not to switch to 64.bit...
    as long as the system is stable of coarse...
  3. Also, you can't crossfire different series cards, you will need another 5700 series card or cf 6750
  4. I guess I need to add more. I cant seem to get a clear concept of how to set hpet for a 890fx chipset. I think it is related to IOMMU, the only choice is on or off. I tried it again 2 cores 64 bit is good. I am not sure how an Phenom II AMD CPU works but I think it has a separated functions for 32 & 64. I also believe 64 bits is shut down in the CPU with a 32 bit only OS. Tried varying the CPU multiplier from 10-20 and FSB from 190-225. I tried this because Hpet has some thing to do with chipset function and timing. Still 4 cores is 32 bits only and 2 cores works both ways. Also 32 and 64 bits are daily stable at 3.9Ghz. Before I go to the bother of doing a USB boot for gaming with 32 bits I think I may just get an AMD 970BE and be done with it. Thanks

    BTW HD 5770/50 and HD 6770/50 are the same chipsets. They will also Crossfire with A8 APUs with A75 chipsets.
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