I need some serious help!

i just got the msi k7t266 pro2 (kt266a) and an athlonxp 1600+. i put everything together, and my system wont boot. when i power it up, i only get a black screen. i'm guessing the processor is not functioning... here's what i think may be the cause..

1. when i first powered up, i forgot to set power supply voltage. it was left at 110, and the cpu didnt boot. just got a black screen. i switched to 230, and same thing. could this have caused my processor to get damaged??

2. instead of the maximum 3 fans, i only have 2 in. one for the cpu, and one for system (and course the one that's with the power supply). the one left is power supply fan, but the ps fan is running, i dont know why there is a power connector for it on the mb. do i need all fans running for the processor to start??

the k7t266 pro2 has a built in D-LED lights, and when i power up the system, all four lights remain lit. according to the manual, that means my processor is damaged or not inserted properly. but i'm sure it is inserted properly.

if anyone can think of another cause, feel free to bring it up, and some solutions if possible. thanks.
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  1. IF you boot your machine with the power supply voltage setting to the voltage that is incorrect for your home area, then yes you can damage components of your machine. It is hard to say exactly what may have been damaged, but it is definitely possible and quite probable. I wouldn't have thought leaving a PS set to 230 volt accidently and plugging it in to 110V would cause any harm, but someone at work did that and it fried the mainboard in the Dell machine it was on. Oh well, hehe, live and learn :p

  2. 1) no

    2) no

    3) if cpu is inserted correctly there is maybe an another pb

    a) retire all pci cards

    b) reinsert just the video card

    c) retire & reinsert mem

    d) unplug all disks, dvd, cdr, ...

    e) power on pc

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  3. And it could very well be that your PSU is no good. There are a lot of problems related to bad PSU's

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