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Hi buddy,

I use Playclaw, it is all right and quite customizable, give it a try.
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  1. Hello, I'm currently searching for a Software that is similar to fraps but with out the hassle of paying 35$ bucks. I'll mainly be using it to Capture Raids and Gameplay of BF3.
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    Well you could always torrent fraps, thats what I did :p

    Now that is against the rules here, didn't you know that?

    "Violations - It violates the Tom's Hardware Rules of Conduct if you engage in any of the following activity:

    *Post, promote or distribute any content that is illegal."

    Go HERE and read them, then act accordingly.
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    I'm pretty sure playclaw is about the same price as FRAPS anyways :/
  4. Yeah it is... I'm looking for a programs where I don't have to pay in order to record game play footage.
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