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Looking to upgrade from my Iwill KK266 board around the holidays. Want a Socket 462 (odviously) DDR board with Raid 0 capability, any suggestions?? Going to put my Gig Athlon in it, buy the new Alpha Pal8045 heatsink and see if she'll do 1500.

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  1. If you are trying to overclock to that extreme, I would go for a separate promise or other raid controller card, instead of onboard raid. Some motherboards recently have had problems with onboard raid. I use the shuttle ak31 version 3.1, and with alot of tweaking, am finally able to run it at 150 x 9 = 1350, for a 1.2 athlon. I don't have a good power supply or heatsink to try for any higher. This board will also get onboard raid soon, and the price is right. The via kt266a chipset is good for much higher sisoft sandra memory scores, which means that games will run smoother and faster. I stay clear of soundblaster cards, and use onboard sound to avoid some of the via problems.
  2. Ok, for shits and giggles, let's go with mild overclocking like I have now, 133x9 for 1266. I want to increase performance with the DDR ram and raid HD. But I'm out of the loop as far as knowing what DDR+Raid solutions they're are out there. Is the performance any better with a stand alone Raid card?

    <b>"These are my thoughts, your mileage may vary."
  3. I don't think the performance is any better, just possibly more stable. I just had to drop back down to 138 x 10 after crashing on the internet, so my overclocking results are mixed at best, using 2 different brands of memory together. If you have alot of experience with raid and overclocking, you may not have any problems with onboard raid. Just read some reviews carefully before getting any kt266a boards, and decide if your sound and video cards will work well with it. I use the ati radeon ve video card and onboard sound with this board.
  4. Abit KT7-RAID

    Asus is also coming out with onboard RAID versions, maybe till you upgrade.

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