What computer parts to get to play wow with full graphics

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  1. jarediscool14 said:

    This about sums up World of Warcraft players communication skills.

    1st. Read this http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261222-13-build-advice

    2nd. What is your budget?

    3rd. Are you building a computer from scratch or are you upgrading your current computer, if so what are your current computer specs?
  2. im sellin laptop. i just wanna new ish cpu that can run WOW at 40 fps and never lag, and mw3 and other games like diablo. I wana spend about 5-700 . i was lookin around at new egg but idk what parts 2 look 4
  3. Read number 1 & 3 again in my 1st post, and I presume you are American and mean $500 - $700 dollars as you mentioned newegg
  4. yes correct. can u plz send me what parts you think i should get to run it well? or a new egg cpu good for it? your topic post was confusing 2 me im new here
  5. I would say dont get either of those, since I bet you could build one for cheaper, that would be better. The first one only has HD 2000 graphics, which are not good for WoW, and the second one is only a dual core processor, which imo is also not good for WoW. So I would say make a build from scratch :) Its fun!
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