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Duel core or quad core for Skyrim?

Hi I have an OK gaming laptop but it has a Core 2 Duo in it. It runs at 2.53Ghz. There is an available Core 2 Quad that runs at 2.0Ghz. Would that upgrade make a difference in performance for skyrim?
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  1. no-one knows, the specs look light, but wait for the game and reviews.

    Do you know how to upgrade a laptop CPU, are you sure its in a socket and not soldered to the board. BTW its dual core.
  2. I have looked into it and the 2.0Ghz quad is an Intel Q9000. The current processor is not soldered to the board. The socket types are also the same.
  3. well if it were a q2.4 vs a d2.53, then i'd say no brainer, go for the quad, at 2.2 vs 2.53 i'd say wait and see, at 2.0 vs 2.53, i'd say go for the dual core. Having just looked up the Q9000 i'd say no, the Q9100 i'd say maybe. But and its a big one, all of the core duo mobile processors max out at 34W, the Quad is 45W, so can the thermal solution cope?
  4. I think the heat would not be a problem because i have taken some extra measure to keep the laptop cool. The only problem is i dont know if the socket type on the q9100 is the same as the q9000. I have an Asus G72GX.
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    google intel ark, it holds everything about every chip they produce, they are the same socket according to it.
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