Motherboard for Athlon XP 1800+

Hey everyone,

Thanks to everyone for their feedback yesterday. With everyone's help I have decided on all my system components with the exception of one.... my motherboard.. Here are my thoughts currently...

Athlon XP 1800+
512MB 2100DDR Crucial Ram
Asus V8200 Deluxe 64MB DDR Geforce3

I am trying to decide on a motherboard and was hoping someone might be able to offer some insight.. I currently have a Abit BX6-2 and it was a breeze.. I prefer jumperless and will not be doing any overclocking but would like to have the best performance possible.. I am open to all suggestions... If you think I would be better off with a different CPU/Video Card/Ram let me know.. I want to make sure I upgrade right the first time thus all the research.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. at the moment the best mobo from abit is the kg7 but there is a new kt266a chipset out soon ??
    i have kg7 raid its very stable & fast & like you say once you've used softmenu3 its hard to go back to jumpers & dip switches
    the ram/vidio setup you've got will be fine
  2. You might consider looking around to see if you can find out when Abit's SiS735 board is coming. It should be a very nice platform.

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  3. For whatever it's worth...

    I'll put in another vote for the KG7 MoBo. I don't have an XP, but my two systems with this MoBo sure are doing well with Athlon 1.4s. Guess it depends if you are willing to wait for the KT266a boards to get out (other than bargain basement mfgrs. offerings)

    I was too impatient and had no confidence in promised release dates or expected performance. (they said all the same things about the KT266 too)
  4. The Asus A7v266-e which has the kt266a chipset is out. It is on pricewatch. Spartan technologies and PC Progress appear to have it for ~$175. Probably worth a look.
  5. i believe that says ETA-nov 2001, but i'm not sure

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  6. ECS has a motherboard out and it supports everything the big players due, only it has an SIS 375 Chipset and costs around $63 including shipping! You ight want to take a look at it as it seems to have only two weaknesses A) it doesn't overclock easily and B) it likes high qualtiy Powersupplyies with 350-400 Watts. If you haven't picked out a case yet, I would recommend the <A HREF="" target="_new">Antec SX840 </A>. It has plenty of space, lots of cooling power and a 400 Watt AMD approved powersupply.

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