Is bad company 2 singleplayer laggier than multiplayer

I need help! PLEASE ANSWER!
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  1. I understand how stupid I sound but please I need a quick answer. I can either buy it tonight or never.
  2. What do you mean by Laggier?

    Muiltplayer has Internet Lag, and FPS Lag (if your Computer Can't Handle it)

    And Single Player Will Only Have FPS Lag (if your Computer Can't Handle It)

    Whats your PC Specs.

  3. Stop posting in CAPS, people will not just rush in with helpful answers just because you seem to be yelling.

    Second, stop using the title field as a message field, it is incomplete, and it looks bad.

    Third, post system specs, resolution you'll be playing the game at, if you're going to play multiplayer as well, help us to help you, mate.
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