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I am considering picking up Battlefield 3. Are there plenty of on-line players. Do you have to wait long to be added to multiplayer games. I picked up BF2 after it had been out for awhile and the few times I tried to play multiplayer the on-line community was almost nil.
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  1. Its dedicated servers. Aside from the bugs it will be very easy to get into games. There are currently like millions online at all times. It will die out eventually but for now its very good.
  2. Last time i heard there were over 2 million players playing it right now. Well it's sale has gone over 10 million and it is still in demand so you will be safer to buy it for multiplayer as you will not be alone for months i am sure.
  3. Battlefield games usually hang around for 5+ years. People still play BF2 and BF2142.
  4. ^^ And BFV and BF1942.
  5. Heh, no worries. Tons of servers to select from. As someone else mentioned, this will have tons of servers for years to come.

    Odd you couldn't find BF2 matches. There have always been plenty of those as well. Even up to the BF3 release.
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