Wierd Temp problem - A7M266 with the new 1005 bios

I updated my Asus A7M266 mobo bios from v1003 to v1005 a few days ago to add support for my AthlonXP coming next week.
The wierd thing is that my average cpu temperatures have lept up 8 deg !!!!
My current Athlon 1.2c use to operate within the range of 42-48 using the old bios. Now it operates in the range of 50-56. wtf!?!?!?
I'm using an Asus iPanel to detect these temperatures.

What I want to know is, is this a real temp increase? Or is it just a change to the way the bios reads the cpu temp?

Very strange.
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  1. I have already posted about this in the CPU and Cooling forums, and also the MBM forums. It seems Asus has changed the way they monitor temperatures, but no actual temp increase has taken place.

    Temps w/1004A : 40oC Idle, 45oC Loaded
    Temps w/1005 : 50oC Idle 55oC Loaded

    Mine rose 10oC.

    :tongue: Have you ever tried cooking an egg on your HSF? Tasty. :tongue:
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