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Games freezing :(

Hey all,

Im wondering if its possible for a hard drive to cause game stuttering and frame rate drops. what happens is i am playing any one of my games and i just start stuttering.. the best way to explain it is my games lock up just for a second but it would be fine if it did it a couple of times but now its just unbearable to play games. probably the most frustrating thing is i have been through 3 system builds. when this problem was occuring i thought straight away its the video card so i bought a 9800gtx from my original 8800GT only to notice the same problems... then i thought it was my cpu so i upped from a dual core to quad core still freezing. then i finaly got a 460GTX 1gb Gigabyte and the problem still remained. then i thought maybe its the mobo same deal as i thought ram was next... same deal agen.

now from this frustration im honestly thinking bout walking away from games just because its not fun at all to play anything with it constantly freezing. i have checked temps GPU : idle was at 40 Degrees Celcius load was 80 Degrees celcius cpu was idle at 32 Degrees load was at 50 Degrees. i know its not a temperature issue and nothing in my system is overclocked. from these 3 system builds the only thing that has stayed the same was the Hard drive so i bought a Corsair 60gb SSD installed cod4 and other games on that still freezing.... i honestly dont know what to do im all out of answers. below i have listed things ive tried

1.Updated Drivers
2.monitored temps games DirectX
5. swapped different parts from gpu,cpu,ram,mobo,psu
6. flashed bios
7. used game booster
8.Scanned for any viruses or any malware
9.Re-formatting windows 7 - 3 times..
10.lowered game settings
11. GPU Stress Test no errors
12. CPU stress Test no errors
13. ran Mem test no errors
14. Updated Punkbuster
15. tried windows xp

as you can see from this list ive been soo persistent as to finding out what the problem is and still no luck. below is my gaming rig atm

CPU: i72600
RAM : G-skill Ripjaw 8gb kit 2133 DDR3
PSU : Corsair TX850w
SSD : Corsair 60gb (system drive)

any help would be fantastic as im getting sick and tired of this freezing issue

Thanks daninozz
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  1. Wow, you tried almost all the suggestions that I had in mind! LOL

    GPU : idle was at 40 Degrees Celcius load was 80 Degrees celcius

    Which GPU shows up with that much heat?
    80C seems high. Stuttering is usually caused due to overheating of a component or in this case, the GPU. I'd say that's your problem.
  2. Yeah all i can think of :P but cheers for the tip will look into it
  3. Which GPU gives out that much heat?
    The GTX 460 or 9800GTX? Or both?
  4. GTX460
  5. What about with the 9800GTX?
  6. the 9800gtx was around 50 Degrees at load. im gonna try and underclock my 460 see if its just the overclock doing it im not sure will report back to ya
  7. Nope still freezes with everything on stock :(
  8. I have experienced similar problems like this too.
  9. Yes, a hard-drive can cause these problems. Not everything loads up into your ram, so it could very well be that these chokes are a problem with hdd access.

    That said however - you replaced your hdd with an ssd. Are you running you setup in Raid?

    Aside from that you appear to have tried everything any reasonable person can do to resolve the situation, and in effect have tried running your games on, essentially, three different computers.

    Which must mean you're missing something. :-(
  10. yeh its frustating gumption :( thats why i think now the problem has to be my graphics card prob gonna get a 6970 hopefully it will be fixed then :) as for raid option im not even sure how raid is setup and what exactly it means. my system works like this

    System - OS SSD

    Storage 1tb WD Hard drive
  11. If the HDD is the problem, it will freeze all the PC not the game itself.
    And SSD has the fastest load times ever, so no argument here.

    @ OP, you can just try with a GPU from a friend or something before you buy a high end GPU, Also make sure that you have the latest BIOS, Monitor all your PC temps.

    Also, you didn't mention what resolution are you gaming at ? and what games do you play ?
  12. I've never run my system in Raid because I've only ever had 1 hdd - but Raid can be used to increase the performance of a multiple hdd, or ssd hdd setup.

    That said - you say you've played your games from the SSD. Well the choke problems I mentioned should only be caused by a hdd with a low transfer rate. You should be fine - but then of course that doesn't negate the possiblity of problems being caused by something else...

    The only thing that really seems to be a common denominator is the fact that the gpu's are all nvidia. That occured to me - plus I was wondering how well your psu was performing. Because inefficiency with power supply to your components can also be a problem - though that should cause crashes - not graphics stuttering.

    I'd hesitate before you buy a new gpu. I would try it out on your system if you could first. Perhaps even going so far as to go to your local computer store and ask them to test your system.

    For as much as we are pc enthusiasts - we are often inadequate to diagnose the problem without being able to see it.
  13. ilysaml said:
    If the HDD is the problem, it will freeze all the PC not the game itself.

    You are wrong about that. Many games don't load everything it needs. If the hdd is slow - it will cause stuttering. For the game. But yes, since he was using an ssd the point is moot. :D
  14. Actually if i were you, i wouldn't accuse anyone of being wrong or right till i know his point of view.
    I meant if there's a problem with the HDD (access time is too long) he might find a slowness accessing partitions & files, so the stuttering moves that happen in the game could be related to the HDD. He didn't even state whether that the games are installed on the SSD or HDD.
  15. "so i bought a Corsair 60gb SSD installed cod4 and other games on that still freezing"

    I'm too lazy to cut out all of his message just for the above, but I took from that, that he meant running from the ssd.

    "I meant if there's a problem with the HDD (access time is too long) he might find a slowness accessing partitions & files, so the stuttering moves that happen in the game could be related to the HDD."

    Context is a wonderful thing - so much can be misconstrued without it. If someone says something - I take it as read. I can't know what your pov is without you saying.

    Please don't take offense - I realise that it may have seemed harsh to say you were wrong.
  16. What kind of resolution are you trying to play at. Have you recorded your frame rates of the games. So we can see the max, avg and min.
  17. The resolution im playing at is 1680 x 1050

    Games I play and they freeze on are : cod in general, batman AA, Dirt 3, NFS games, Driver San Francisco, Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad. so as you can see its either my gpu or Hard drive causing the following games to freeze. i doubt very much whether my psu is causing any problems because its a very high end trusted product Corsair TX 850w "70a on a single 12v rail"

    I can try and uninstall from my WD Hard drive and put on to my Corsair 60gb SSD to eliminate my hard drive causing the freezing. if this works i will know then that its the gpu. and after doing lots of research about the 1gb 460GTX there has been lots of problems with this card. im thinking either i just have really bad luck in purchasing graphics cards or im just unlucky lol.

    To be honest i didnt do any research before about my graphics card in the past. my 8800gt then to the 9800gtx and now at the 460GTX. after reading on the nvidia site all these cards have had performance issues.

    Im looking at the 6970 for my next gpu costing around $400 but it looks as though this card wont exactly last me as long as i would of thought which is a pain. I have seen a benchmark for Battlefield 3 max settings 1920 x 1200 only getting 67 fps. i was fairly shocked to see that only got 67fps. but i did think that 1920 x 1200 is a massive resolution and since my gaming resolution is 1680x1050 I should be able to get more frames with max settings. im hoping 80 Frames or more. so im still fairly keen on purchasing a 6970 Gigabyte 2gb. I heard about the 6950 being able to be flashed to a 6970 through a bios flash but only the 6950 1gb can be flashed through the bios. and i was lucky i red up about this i found out someone bought the same card Gigabyte 6950 1gb and used the 2gb flash to flash to a 6970 which bricked his card. i know its possible to flash the 6950 1gb using REM but i prefer just to buy a 6970 that way im safe. :)

    Im tempted to buy another Nvidia Card being either a 570,580 and 590. depending if my boss decides i should get a payrise hahaha,. :P

    the max i would spend on a video card would be around 400-500 anymore then that and its just over the top. especially because prices drop soo dramatically, because at the end of the day you can never have the fastest computer.
  18. The 6970 will last you longer than you think it will. 67 fps is a great result. Plus there's always crossfire as an option, which can almost double the fps (around 110 I believe.)

    The 'next' generation of cards won't have their high-end options available to maybe the end of 2012. They release their lower-powered options first so they can work on drivers etc before they get to the big boys. So when the new cards start rolling out - you will still have a very powerful card. Plus it takes time before developers to catch upto the hardware, if you think about the games in development now and their release date.

    That aside - think about the previous generation of amd cards - obsolete? No. In fact, take the 5870, it outperforms it's newest counterpart. Will there be such an increase in power with the new cards that it makes the older ones defunct? Not likely.

    Anyway - I'd test a new card out in your system before you buy one. If only for the sake of my peace of mind. :-)
  19. True but atm i cant do crossfire option i only have 1 16x slot and 1 8x slot both PCIE
  20. Best answer
    You don't need two 16x slots, a 16x and a 8x slot is fine, as is a 16x 4x combo. Even the 16x 4x is a good option, which is what I have.

    But anyway - I'd say you wouldn't need to crossfire for at least a year if you bought the 6970, or even sli with the gtx560 ti.
  21. OMG! after just deciding to clean my computer i have fixed the issue soo happy :D finaly nice and smooth :) you will all laugh once i tell you but something i didnt pay attention to lol.

    i plugged my WD Sata3 1tb Hard Drive into a SATA2 port instead of SATA3 HAHAHA i know oh well problems fixed :D so end result was because of hard drive just my bad tech skills of putting my rig together hahaha

    and gumption thank you i will definately be looking at running crossfire 6970s for my future rig :)
  22. Best answer selected by daninozz.
  23. omg! its freezing agen... the only thing i did was update punkbuster.. now i know its not my hardware its to do with punkbuster..
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