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I was hoping there would be a sticky on this topic but I could not find a thread dedicated to this. I have no idea where to start with trying to understand simply how to convert my techno mpeg videos to dvd's for friends. I've searched the internet on dvd basics and all I get is technical info that's way beyond my understanding of this subject. All I want to know is what is the process here? I want to recording on dvd+rw using my dvd drive. I tried using Roxio, Mpegtmg program, Nero, and DVDfab. None of them are able to record the files to a dvd format to my dvd+rw. Only one of them was able to drag and drop an mpeg to the disc (Roxio). It burnt, but when I try to play it my computer crashes. I also understand you must do a complete formatt of these disks too? What is the file conversion involve, what type of .xxx file and I trying to change these too? I just want my friends to be able to pop a standard dvd into their non-computer dvd player and watch it. Why does this crap have to be so complicated??

Amd 64 3500
Memorex MP5125A DVD+r/+RW 2.4x
2xMaxtor Diamondmax 10's raid0
Windows Xp Pro (working), Other partition is Xp-64 (defunct at the moment)
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  1. What you need is a DVD authoring program. like WinDVD creator, or those that are included in the Roxio and Nero burning suite. You cannot just put the file on the DVD, you have to create a DVD and those apps will let you do just that

    With your burner, you had some software provided with?

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  2. what you are looking at doing i have been doing for awhie now, i am using nero vision express2 mostly but also have other software which i can use
  3. avi2dvd is good for converting avi's to DVD, but I'm not sure about MPEGs

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  4. With as little of experience as you state you have I'm reccommending Ulead DVD Movie Factory 4 [Standard Edition] or [Disc Creator Edition], its not a free program but will do what you need and is fairly simple to grasp hold of using.

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  5. New to this dvd thing and also new to my new camcorder. Can I use my Windows Movie Maker program to make the dvd's? :oops:
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