Yet another battlefield 3/Skyrim quesion

Hey guys, I am looking into getting a new videocard to run battlefield 3/Skyrim!

my specs (the important ones at least):
-Intel core i3 550 3.4Ghz
-EVGA gts450 1g (yeah i know, its not that great)
-8gb 4 sticks ADATA memory

I play at 1600x900 resolution, also AA does not really apply to me that much, I will usually run games with it very low or not at all, because honestly if a game is engrossing to me, I won't notice every little edge.

What I really want to do is run battlefield 3 at ultra or almost ultra, same with skyrim.

I was really looking into a GTX570 but in reality, that is a little too much for a videocard for me.

This is the card I am looking into

now, is this card sufficient for BF3 and skyrim? at least on high or nearly ultra on a 1600x900 resolution with AA disabled?

or should i shove out the extra $100 and get a GTX570? like i said I really want a 570, but that would really hurt my wallet because I plan on getting an Core i7.
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  1. with aa disabled I think you shouldn't have problems running ultra detail at that resolution

    the requirements for skyrim are less than BF3
  2. GTX560 TI is a powerfull card
    You will be able to play on Ultra Graphics surely on that resolution.
    Some Great Benchmarks :D
  3. can you wait for the supposed new 560ti with more cores? it'll either push the std prices down or be affordable in its own right. Also having played it on your 450, you'll get to see the benefit.
  4. Wait for the new 560ti in a month. It will be equal to the 570 performance but with a much lower price.
  5. waxy_27 said:
    Wait for the new 560ti in a month. It will be equal to the 570 performance but with a much lower price.

    Negative. The "rumored" new 560Ti will have it's GPU replaced with the same chip as the GTX570/580 with 2 disabled streaming multicores. It's basically a GTX 570 with one more SM disabled. Expect it to have lower clocks as well and be priced a little higher than the current 560 Ti. It will perform better than the existing one, but will not perform better or equal to the 570. They probably are not selling as many right now as it really isn't a deal performance wise. This will position it better.,13832.html
  6. A GTX 560 Ti will do you just fine. BF3 is very video card intensive, you will probably run it on High setting at your resolution. However, BF3 does a really good job of scaling and High looks amazing. For that price range an AMD 6950 1GB card would perform a little better in BF3. Skyrim is out on the 11th so there are no review yet. I would imagine BF3 is more graphic intense.
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