Had great FPS now really low in FSX


Here is my PC specs:
RAM: GSKILL RIPJAWS X, 8GB @ DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
GPU: Galaxy GTS450 1GB
Cooling: Corsair liquid coolor for cpu, 6 fans (2 outlet, 4 inlet)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit
ADDONS: REX, GEX, Several Payware Airplanes. High Flight Simulations custom FSX.CFG file

I originally built this PC for FSX only, since I was on a budget went with a AMD platform. Original set up was on a 65 inch screen and I was averaging 25+ FPS and in dense areas such as NY, Chicago, LA, etc 15-22 FPS, no stuttering, very smooth flying. Even when i had the Weather high, i would still run good FPS. Recently I got rid of my 65 inch TV and downgraded to dual 20inch monitors. Since the downgrade if I fly in dense areas or any airport that was addon I get 10FPS in VC and 20+ FPS exterior view, makes no sense to me. When I am load a payware plane my VC goes to 5 FPS and at times upto 12-13FPS. Once I am up in the air I get over 20 FPS. This was never a issue before and the only thing that has changed is I went
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  1. First off, it seems there was a glitch with this forum. Your post got duplicated two other times. You can delete those dupes as long as no one has replied to them. If you click on the dupes there should be an icon for you to delete them.

    Now on to your issue...

    Are you playing FSX with both monitors. I never played the game so are you using one monitor for the cockpit and another panel to display the instrument panel? Or are both monitors used for the cockpit view? In any case, if you are using both monitors to play FSX, then that is your problem. Your video card is forced to work at higher resolution. Higher resolution means less performance.

    All 1080p HDTV have a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Multiply that out to get the number of pixels the video card must "push". Since you connected two 20" LCD monitors, that means the total number of pixels have gone up. I assume your monitors' resolutions are both 1600 x 900. Multiply those two numbers, then double it.

    In your new set up your video card is pushing about 40% more pixels. Resolution and performance is generally not a 1 for 1 ratio. Meaning if your resolution increases by 40% your performance decreases by 40%. It's not as simple as that.

    If you are playing with two monitors, then try just playing with one. Your frame rates should go back up. Also, with two monitors attached, even if you play games with one monitor, the video card must render the game on one monitor and it also must render the desktop on the other monitor. The decrease in performance should be negligable to very, very small compared to just having one monitor attached.
  2. jaguarskx,

    Thanks for your reply on my issue. I was thinking that it could be the issue the GPU trying to push for two monitors but wasnt sure. As for how I am playing the game its all on one monitor, the other monitor is black, i can drag things over to it but I do not. I originally had DUALHEAD2GO connected but just didnt like it. In the near future I might be just getting a 27inch screen and then only have one to play on. I will unplug my other monitor and just play on one and see what happens.
  3. Ran FSX on one monitor alone and still the same issue persists. Cant figure it out, I do not want to have to reload FSX and all of my add ons as that will take forever.
  4. That is definitely weird.

    Try uninstalling the graphic drivers, reboot, then re-install them.
  5. jaguarskx said:
    That is definitely weird.

    Try uninstalling the graphic drivers, reboot, then re-install them.

    So here is my solution to this. I went and got O&O Defrag, and defragged the HDD like 5 times, overkill I know. Improved slightly, then I went into the BIOS and overclocked my CPU from 3.4 to 3.8GHz, that dramatically jumped up my FPS to the 20s. I also then Installed a external frame limiter and set my frames in FSX to unlimited, now with any addon like AeroSoft Chicago X, QW 757, GEX, REX and FlyTampa Midway, i am able to maintain over 25fps on the ground, and once I reach 1,000 feet they stay constant at 45+fps, so for now it works.
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