Battlefield 3 crash on high-ultra settings

Hello I recently bought a corsair 800 watt PSU to replace my CX600 so i could sli my nvidia 460 gtx. When I start playing BF3 on high settings give or take 5 to 10 minutes in it sounds like either the PSU cannot drive the power or the gpus are failing. But when I play on low settings its not a problem.

BTW when it crashes it makes a weird sound then restarts the PC. I am wondering if this is an nvidia driver fault or its my GPU's giving me trouble or even the new psu. Just to mention i used msi afterburner to overclock the gpus up to 800 MHZ. I then underclocked the cards because i heard its a good thing to do for bf3 as it speeds up the gpu for you.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Intel i7 2600
8GB Corsair RAM
GS800 Corsair PSU
1TB Seagate 7200rpm
Antec Liquid Cooler
Aerocool Aeroengine II
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  1. what are you running temps? what driver version you running on? what is the PSU temp if it has the sensor? how about a voltage graph?

    It's clearly a problem with either an unstable overclock or cooling since it only presents itself at high loads.

    Check to make sure the SLI is on
  2. Right well what happens is that when i enable sli and then use afterburner i underclocked it to 600mhz then assumed that it wernt keeping up with the graphics. so i oc'd it up to 750.

    I then tryed to run battlefield then one GPU fan went absolutely mental. Then cut out and restarted. When i restarted there was only one GPU displayed. But I know that if i restart the pc it will show up again. wierd stuff.

    With only one gpu selected i put resolution to 720p and played ultra settings with one card and worked an absolute treat. I have come to the conclusion im not a fan of SLI from the look of things.
  3. ok... so there's no problem then?
  4. No because when I enable SLI and start running applications. The card crashes and then when rebooted one of my cards is removed from nvidia control panel. So out of my two cards one of them is workable but my palit gtx460 is being unstable it seems. How can i get it to function like before? keeps crashing on me.
  5. hmm, not sure, I mean it's possible that your second card has a hardware problem

    try returning it to stock clocks and see if it's still unstable
  6. i took out the card and cleaned it then plugged it back in and it has started to behave itself. but still has its moments. It cannot have problem surely because ive never oc'd it more than 800?
  7. Do not OC until you can run both SLI'ed at stock speed. Monitor your temps on BOTH cards, expecially the top card. Alot of dual card setups have heat issues on the top card. Case airflow is VERY important as the heat from the bottom card radiated up to the top card causing it to overheat. What type of cooler do your cards have? Does it exhaust out the back or just blow over the cooler back into your case. the exhaust coolers are actually better for dual card setups. The coolers that blow back into your case can cause issue unless you have a lot of airflow in your case. I would rule out a heat issue by monitoring your temps on both cards at STOCK speed.

    A Corsair 800W is MORE than enough for 2 460GTX's.
  8. I hear what your saying but the temps are fine. my pc is very cool. and on stock speeds they worked okay. its just SLI in general isnt very good. the top card what is a gigabyte 460gtx and the one below giving me hassle was the palit sonic 460 gtx. It defintly helped it work by removing it then putting back in. starting to behave it self now. its just if i have BF3 on high settings they seem to struggle alot.
  9. Did you download the latest Nvidia Drivers?

    So it is crashing your machine still or just not performing well in BF3? If it's crashing, it's one story. If performance is bad, that's another. I'd leave everything at stock speed until you figure out the issue. Don't OC them until the issue is resolved, it just ads another element.
  10. *Had the same problem, knock the clock speed down on your video card, Put it down to 850 MHz, i knock mine down to 1300 from 1500 Mhz and the game ran but card temp was at 67 C, hot , Hot.
  11. put it down to 850? I havent oc'd them to above 800. they come standard at 700 and 715MHZ. anyway the solution for me was to simply unplug the Palit gpu and clean it then plug it all back in and now there is no crashing apart from when battlefield 3 decides to fail on me. Thanks for the feedback people :)
  12. Does Battlefield 3 run fine if you leave your cards at the stock speed? I have found BF3 crashes even a seemingly stable overclocked video card. It really pushes them. I don't think it is the fault of battlefield, you just do not have a 100% stable overclock. A 100MHz+ OC on a video card is pretty aggressive, especially with dual cards.

    have you tried running ALL stock speeds. If you can't get it to run stable with no OC, something else is the issue.
  13. the gpu's are on stock speed now. and it runs okay but i have it on 720p max settings just so i dont push the cards too much. In fact I quite like it at that res on a 22 inch led. beautiful looking game i must say. cannot get enough of it. However sometimes I will play a whole game and it doesnt keep the score. so annoying. is it true that if the game crashes? then you lose all your xp and levelling up? coz it seems like it
  14. i've upgraded the firmware on the card runs on stock speed now, no problem with game now
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