Abit VT6X4 Mobo and 1Ghz PIII

Hi all, newbie poster so hope I'm in the right forum.

I've got an Abit VT6X4 mobo and would like to use a 1Gig/133Mhz PIII on a slocket on this mobo. Before I waste a bunch of money on the CPU can anyone tell me if this should work, or has worked for you?
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  1. It's all in the manual. Just have to read it.
  2. The manual only talks of Slot 1 CPUs, not surprising as it is a Slot1 mobo.

    I was asking about using a Slocket converter which means I'm interested in knowing about the behaviour of non-Slot1 CPUs on this mobo. Details of non-Slot1 CPUs are definitely not in the manual.
  3. Motherboards don't know the difference. As long as the Slotket is of reasonable quality (not defective) it will work.

    Back to you Tom...
  4. Yes, good point.

    However I am worried about the ability of the VT6X4 BIOS to use the latest PIII steppings which is all I'll be able to buy at this point.

    The BIOS only lists CPU's up to 800Mhz, I'd like to use a 1Gig CPU so this is a bit of unknown territory for the BIOS.

    If I miss-match BIOS support and steppings I can see one of three things happening...

    1) BIOS rejects CPU as unsupported.
    2) BIOS runs firmware patches instead of real hardware which is fixed in the current stepping, this would introduce a slight (un-noticable?) performance hit.
    3) BIOS fails to run new firmware patches for this stepping leading to processing errors and erratic stability.

    I don't know the likelihood of any of these options.
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