Bluetooth Mouse for Laptop?

Any recommendations, or good/bad experiences?
My current (wired) mouse is dying & I have bluetooth so am tempted to use it. I don't want to have to cart a cradle around so Logitech MX900 and similar look no good. I'm considering things like Anycom BTM100, Bluetake BT500 or 510, MacAlly Mini, and I want basically a good 'feel' and responsiveness, opinions on battery life, quality .. well anything really!
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  1. This mouse kicks butt for laptops: <A HREF=",CRID=2146,CONTENTID=10521" target="_new">Logitech V200</A>
    My boss got one for his laptop and it works very well while not eating to much battery life. The usb reciever clips onto the bottom of the mouse too, that is VERY handy :)

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  2. thanks .. but I want to minimise the number of things I have to plug in i.e. the USB receiver is a negative from my pov, with bluetooth I should be able to run with the mouse and nuthin' but the mouse (uhh .. and batteries)
  3. That mouse might support your onboard bluetooth device though bluetooth is a tad iffy atm. If it was a perfect world the mouse would show up in the bluetooth device list and you would simply hit connect. Whether it does or not though I have no clue.

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  4. That mouse doesn't support bluetooth, it uses a USB receiver, it appears. No matter: a local shop has pre-empted this suddenly offering the Bluetake BT500 far cheaper than anything else around here (I'm in NZ). So I went out and got one last night. Had to download newer bluetooth drivers (for my Dell) - but after that it really was a matter of connect and go, and the mouse is running beautifully, so I'm happy! - till the batteries run out ;)
    Thanks for your comments
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