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I need help with 'Race Driver Grid'. Several forums have documented issues with Anti-Aliasing not working in the game particularly at medium distances. From what I have read the problem exists for both Nvidia and AMD cards. Anti-Aliasing will not activate when you adjust the setting in the game or in the Nvidia or Catalyst control panels. Yet there are several people who play it with no problem. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

These are my settings:

See how jagged the shadows are by the car directly in front of me and just beyond that? It looks nothing like 8XMSAA to me. At that setting it should be absolutely smooth but it is far from it.
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  1. try the ut3 trick. if your having problems running a game with aa. then rename the games.exe file to ut3.exe this will trick the gpu into thinking its playing unreal tournament 3 and turn on the fsaa fix they implemented for that game.

    i found this trick works with most games that wont allow ati cards to anti alias properly. titles like masseffect and forsaken..

    step by step...

    Open your CCC.

    Activate "Catalyst AI" and set it to "Advanced".

    Disable "Use application settings" in the AA tab if it was activated.

    Set the AA level to your desirated level x2 or x4 is enough.

    Now close your CCC.

    Go into your grid folder then rename "game.exe" into "UT3.exe"

    Now instead of launching the game through the launcher, you ll have to launch it through "UT3.exe". (create an shortcut for it) you can the rename the shortcut Grid.(dont go into the properties and change the filespec, just the name of the shortcut only).
  2. I don't think I can do that as I downloaded the game from STEAM. I am afraid changing the name of the .exe my cause some authentication problems.

    This is not an ATI / AMD specific issue as most of the forums I have read are coming from 8800/9800 GeForce owners. I have not found a tangible answer to this problem so far.

    It just perplexes me how the game runs fine for some people with no tweaking.
  3. renaming the exe shouldt cause any issue. but you should still try it. even if you have to change the name back if you find it doesnt work with either the tip or steam...
    you wont get banned or anything like that....
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