Borderlands: Low FPS on CF 6950's

I recently got Borderlands. I figured that it should be a pretty easy game to run, but was sorely mistaken. With my 2 radeon 6950's, I usually pull around 40-50 fps. Now, this might not seem like a problem, as it's still playable, but it can get annoying when it dips down to the 30's, and I've become a bit spoiled with my system and would like a stable 60 fps. I've tried disabling one on crossfire, but to no avail. Any tweaks/ suggestions?
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  1. I'm running an HD Radeon 6990 and Borderlands also runs like crap.

    I've tried a few tips I've gathered from the internet regarding this, but none of them seem to have worked.
  2. Turns out it was the power supply. I changed it a Corsair TX850 and it seems to work as it should now.
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