Can this HP- Pavilion Laptop run Skyrim / Battlefield on decently?

I would really like to know, I'm very aweful at compairing specs with games because their are so many different models and types of updated technology.... hard to keep up with. What I know is that it has a i5 Processor, and a Intel HD 3000 graphics card with 500GB of RAM. I hope thats all you need to know to solve this, because I'm very clueless after this.

Thanks! ~ Royced, a gamer looking for his first personal PC for 500ISH.
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  1. Onboard Intel graphics are useless for modern games, so the answer is no. The benchmarks have proven that BF3 brings even discrete GPU cards to their knees at high resolutions, so you need a fairly powerful PC to run it at any decent framerate.

    If gaming is what you plan to do, I would much rather invest in a desktop PC, and not a prebuilt one either. HP or dell PC's are invariably overpriced for the level of performance they offer. You get much better value for money by picking the individual components and assembling the PC your self, or have someone do it for you.
  2. Yeah build your own. Find somebody to help you if you need -

    Do you have an OS? (Windows 7 CD or something ?) Mouse? Keyboard? Monitor?

    Ill help you pick out parts if you let me know what yo have :)
  3. I haven't actually bought that yet. Can someone direct me to a good one for around $400-500?
    Prefered on a trusted producer like best buy/walmart/target things like that.
  4. Oh yeah, and could it run skyrim at 20-ish fps on lowest settings?
  5. trusted producer like best buy? do you honestly think best buy "produces" any of those laptops?
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