Texture problem in all games

Hello all,

My system config is :

Biostar TA-790GXBE
Phenom II X4 965 BE @ 3.4ghz
4 gb ddr2 667 mhz ram
Corsair vx450
MSI Twin frozer II 6870 1gb
17" monitor @ 1440 *900

The problem i had is that the some of the textures at a particular place are appearing as i approach that place and they will disappear when i go away from that place in almost all the games and even shadows are jaggy in all the games and it is looking pretty bad even though iam getting very good fps.

So , i played many games and i had this problem in all the games like witcher 2 , assassins creed series , gta 4 , cod mw2 etc. This problem is there in almost every game that i played. I had this problem with my old 9600gt also.

Anyone had this problem before and what maybe the reason for this?

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  1. no one to answer my question?
  2. the 1 thing you dont mention is your hdd, and its likley yuour using the same hdd as you had in your old system. meaning any issues it had then would be transfered to your new. if its a green edition then thats your problem. if its slower than 7200 rpm it should only be used as storage.
    make sure its optimized and defragged properly. if you have more than 2 partitions on the drive remove them as each 1 slows the drive by 10%

    if you can, spend a few notes on 2 matching 500gig hdds and make a raid 0 config... this wil help minimize texture pop. i know this to be tru because when every 1 was complaining about texturepop in rage i wasnt seeing it. due to my faster raid.
  3. Firstly make sure all your old nVidia drivers have been removed.
    Secondly I would go into the bios and ensure the onboard graphics isn't on hybrid mode or on.

    After that I'd start to trouble shoot other parts of the system like HEXit recommends.
  4. @JoeDaStudd :
    Changes done before posting this topic : All my nvidia drivers deleted and cleaned my system using driver sweeper in safe mode and then installed the latest catalyst 11.10.

    @HEXiT :
    My old hdd stopped working a few months back , so i bought a new hdd seagate barracuda 7200.12 500gb and installed all the games on this new hdd.
  5. My graphic card temperature is reaching 80-85 when playing these games.
    Is this the reason for this texture problem?
  6. Which is your case and cooling systems?
  7. NZXT gamma with two extra 120mm fans along with case default fan.
  8. The main reason would be HDD and RAM. You can increase the size of those 2 to see the results.
  9. To be honest...You PSU is quite low to support both your CPU and GPUs. Also, 80-85 Celcius, right? Just checking... If so...it's quite high (but not dangerously)...if you can manage to cool them down, it would def be a bonus (performance wise). I'd upgrade it to at least a good 700W PSU.
  10. Can a 500 gb hdd cause this problem?
    If i overclock the ram , is there a possibility to get rid of this problem?
    Why iam asking this is because i cant buy a hdd (because of the increased prices) , ram and psu right now as i dont have enough money to all the three.
  11. RuLeBre@KeR,

    As Alex The PC Gamer said "your PSU is quite low to support both your CPU and GPUs".

    Your graphic card needs 500 Watt or greater power supply. Refer to http://ati.amd.com/certifiedPSU for a list of Certified products.
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