Asus? Abit? In need of mobo advice.

So, I'm getting ready to put together a new computer. The machine will be used for light gaming, web/email, and most importantly, digital audio recording. I've settled on what I think are the best components for my job - except for the motherboard.

I'm pretty much set on the PIII/1GHz, and I'd like to try a motherboard with onboard RAID (to aid in recording). I've found two motherboards at my local computer store, and I'd like to know if any of you have experience with either of them. I'm looking at the Abit SAR-6, and the Asus CUSL-2 - and I'm actually leaning toward the Asus, because it has an ISA slot (so I can grandfather my modem over).

So, have any of you used either of these boards (but primarily the Asus)? Any comments? Speedy, stable? And what about the price? The local store wants $179. Can I do much better?

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  1. if you had asked that question 2 years ago i would have said abit was the way to go. but over the last couple of years asus has become not only the superior mb manufacturer but their prices have become much more comperable. so why you may invest $20-$50 more in the mb the performace makes it work the difference
  2. Neither one has an ISA slot! If they call it a CUSL2-C and it has an ISA slot they are lying! BTW both are good bards. But Asus recently released an equally price motherboard of the same design as the CUSL2-C, but with a newer chipset revision that additionally supports Tualatin upgrades. It's called the TUSL2-C. Look for it on the Asus site and on Pricewatch.

    Back to you Tom...
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