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I have installed the Omega driver's on my labtop, it's an Acer Aspire 1680, with a 9700 Mobility Radeon card. I recently played WoW(:D), and when i wanted to exit the game, the screen froze. So i had no other choice than to push the power button, to manually turn of the computer.

When i re-started the computer, i could see Windows loading(XP). But when i came to the logon menu, everything went black.

Then i tried to start the computer in "Safe Mode", and it worked fine. I had a theory, that it might have been the Omega drivers failing. So i un-installed them, and installed the DNA drivers. No luck there.

I couldn't find anything on google, so i decided to run the repair console for Win. Again, no luck there. I'm just as far, as i was in the beginning.

I could really use an advice on this issue.

Best Regards
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  1. Go into safe mode and change your Resolution. WoW changed it for some systems in some circumstances.

    Your WinXP Splash screen is displayed at a low resolution, so when you load into windows, you're in a higher resolution.
    Same with safe mode, it's in a low resolution. Go into safe mode, change resolution there. It should hold what regular XP boots into, so I'd just drop it down to 800x600 and change it once you get into Windows.
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