FPS drop in games

Hey everyone. So i have been witnessing this problem for like a whole month now.

AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 555 Processor (2CPUs), ~3.2GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GT 430
Windows 7 32bit
ASRock N868C-S UCC
WD Caviard Blue 3.5" 500GB

This PC is now about 10 months old and I haven't been getting any problems with it. But this problem just hit me a month ago. When I play games like NBA2K12 or FIFA12 or any other games with pretty high requirements (which my computer can easily pass) I get a FPS drop after like 4 minutes of gameplay. FPS drops from like 50 to 1-5 for ~10 seconds and switches back to normal for a minute or so. After that minute it drops to 1-5 for like 10 seconds again. But this happens only when I play for like 4mins without any FPS drop. This hasnt been happening to me. I tried reinstalling my windows 7 from 64bit to 32bit, disabling startup programs, programs in task mananger, cleaning dust from the fans, changing graphics of games, but nothing helped. I don't have that fps drop on games like Counter-Strike with low requirements. It runs smooth. But as I said in better games I get that lag even though my PC shouldn't be getting it. Now I played 2K12 and when I minimized it I got these results:

After waiting a couple of seconds my CPU usage drops down to like:

Does that mean that the game is using my whole CPU and thats why I gets major FPS drops? My CPU is 0-4 at idle. Don't really know what to do. Clear PC, no unnecessary programs just the game and I still get those lags. I would appreciate your help.
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  1. Yea.. I really need that help.
  2. Have you tried disabling your antivirus?
    I don't mean completely, just to check it thats part of the issue.
  3. I have no antivirus. Brand new windows, just the game and couple of programs.
  4. A quick google says the max safe temperature for the x2 555 is 70C to 80C.
    The first image shows it at nearly 80C.

    Remove the heatsink, de-dust, apply fresh thermal paste and re-attach.

    If its still having this issue get a new heatsink.
  5. pretty sure you have thermal issues. if this is a desktop, as advised above get a better heatsink or try cleaning and reapplying thermal paste.

    if the mobo is set to throttle back once it hits 80C then, I'd advise to lower graphics/resolution in the games that are giving you trouble
  6. okay so I lowered the graphics like AntiZig said. i kept everything as low as possible and could run the game at 120fps without any fps drops. altough my cpu usage was still ~90% and CPU was on 80C. I went back and changed the graphics to max I didn't have that 4 minutes of clean gameplay without any fps drops, it started from the very beginning. Fps was dropping, then came back to normal, then dropping again and so on.. but my CPU usage stayed the same at ~90% and so was the temperature at 80-81C. So is it both the heatsink and the mobo?
  7. I think you're seeing same temperatures because as soon as it hits anything higher it throttles back, cools down a bit, removes the throttle and heats back up in 4 mins, then rinse and repeat.

    when you're running everything on lowest it might be just touching that 80 so there's no throttling occuring.

    as JoeDaStud pointed out the recommended temps for that case are below 80. So, until you solve that issue it's hard to say if it could be something else. I mean just to check, pop the side open and have a fan blowing at the case, see if that helps the issue.
  8. i think your cpu is maxing out temp wise and throttling... i think the max temp for that cpu is 72-75'c
    your cpu-z screen shows that your cpu is hitting that... so you need better cooling or clean out your case/fans/and cpu cooler.
    if its a push pin cooler make sure 1 of the pins hasnt poped out and is compromising your cooling..
  9. So your the guy that plays the NBA games
  10. I guess I solved it.. Opened my PC and cleared out the dust from the heatsink.Didn't use the new termo paste though. Now I get results like that while playing:

    Looks like the fps drop problem is solved. Are the temperatures ok there or can I adjust something else?
  11. the pic is too small, I think your max temp is 61C? that's great temps :)
  12. My CPU is 50C and GPU at 61 :) is 61 good for GPU?
  13. yep looks like you solved the heat issue, while playing did you notice ansy stutter or slowdown?
  14. not yet :)
  15. ok. now what you want is some fan filters if you dont already have em.
    make sure you clean out your fans and cpu hsf at least every 3 months. if you dont smoke the best and safest way to clean it is with compressed air.
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