GTA IV running bad even on quad core


Well the title says it all I have a Athlon II X3 435 unlocked to Phenom II X4 B35 @ 3.4ghz without l3 cache and yet my cpu is a bottleneck for my gpu. I have tried lots of things I have read almost every forum and I can't find any solution I play on 1280x1024 and get like 25 fps max settings but even on 800x600 i get 25fps exactly the same with some fps drops to 15 when I turn around orsomething cpu usage is around 70-80% GPU usage is about 68% when I run a benchmark I get average fps 42.8 when I watch youtube I see people with similar cpu (phenom ii x4 955) and same GPU getting like 65 fps in benchmark and 40fps in-game same settings I have no idea what to do anymore.

P.S I have tried setting bios to both optimized and fail-safe defaults I have set the Ram *** to both ganged/unganged I have changed some settings of my pc nothing. CPU never hits more than 50c GPU gets around 65c

PC Specs:
Windows 7 32bit SP1
Radeon HD6870
Phenom II X4 B35 @ 3.4ghz
Samsung F3 spinpoint 1Tb
4Gb Ddr2-800mhz ram
Gigabyte ga-ma785g-ud3h
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  1. GTA IV is just a very badly ported game. I have an i5 760 with a 6870 and it performs okay at best. I can at least maintain 30 FPS at 1080p with high settings though. At that low a resolution, you might still get a CPU bottleneck, I take it your display doesn't support any resolution above 1280x1024. If so your only option is to try to overclock your CPU, or turn down your graphical settings. Try reducing your view distance, that setting really eats into the CPU. The only other possibility I can think of is that the lack of an L3 cache may be the problem, though I'm not sure if GTA IV really uses the L3 cache. For most games, the performance boost between no L3 cache, and L3 cache is negligible.
  2. Yes, GTA IV is a very bad port of a game. I have it running on my Q9450 and most of the time the game runs at only 50% (two cores). A few times it might jump up to 61% usage, but that doesn't happen often.

    Since I never seen it go anywhere near 75% (3 full cores), I decided to devote one core to encode a movie to XviD so that I can playback on my portable media player. The game's action stutters a bit more sometimes, but the radio stations gets messed up. Not only is there constant stuttering, but the music also plays faster than normal.

    Even after the movie has been encoded and I exit out of the encoder (VirtualDub), I still have problems with audio. I need to quit GTA IV and reload so that the game plays "normally".
  3. You need to play at a higher resolution to shift some of the load to your GPU. 1280x1024 is too low to give the GPU a proper workout.
  4. Ok so even If i set view distance from 50 to 17 i get exact same frame rates also with detail distance this is ******* weird *** my cpu cant be a bottleneck i think because its not even using the full 100% I think its my windows but not gonna throw away all my save games from my games to install another version of windows
  5. Disable the clip recorder or whatever its called again.
    Bad ports shouldn't be played period. Unfortunately its a game in a series that was entertaining so to speak
  6. have you tried resetting the graphics settings back to defaults in Catalyst Control Center (CCC)? they might interfere with the settings in-game.
  7. Clip recorder already off
  8. Already is default
  9. does it run other games ok?

    what did the forums say to do?

    reset to in-game optimised GFX defaults.
    disable anti-virus/anti-malware
    defrag game files.
    get latest DirectX
    get latest GFX driver
    get latest chipset/device drivers
    checked for device conflicts in device manager (not sure how likely that is nowadays - bit oldskool)
  10. Did all of this the optimised gfx defaults doesnt give me max settings but runs okay 30-40fps however I'm supposed to be able to play on max settings with 30-40 fps and not much stuttering. Other games run good but not as good as I see on youtube with similar system and same gfx like 5fps lower.
  11. Wondering why it's an X3 not an X4 - was the locked core duff? maybe should set it back to a tri-core?
  12. Diddly said:
    Wondering why it's an X3 not an X4 - was the locked core duff? maybe should set it back to a tri-core?

    I already tried that got even lower fps the 4th core is just fine I went sleeping while testing with prime95 and no errors at all 11 hour run. *** it theres no way I can fix it I'll just have to play on AS X8 and 25-30fps
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