SIS K7S5A Booting Problem...Please Help!

OK...Two Weeks ago i upgraded from a Asus a7v266a to the ECS K7S5A. The First day or two it worked great but then the porblem...its locks up almost anytime im playing a game for more then 20-30 minutes and will lock up even when not in a game sometimes. Also the booting...I will turn it on and eveyrthing lights up and the fans go but it wont boot...I have to turn it on and off a bunch of times and then finally one random time it will boot up. I didnt have an AMD recommended power supply so i thought that was the problem so i bought a reccomended ADM psu 350watt and still the same prbolems...Not totally sure if its the board...the last couple weeks when i had my asus a7v it had a few booting problems simular to this but never locked up. Could this be a CPU prob? Also the instalation disk wont work with my os...its says that it doesnt support win2k and i went to sis and ecs website for chipset drivers but there are not any there...should i have drivers for it? My Componets...SB Live x-gamer sound card, win tv pci, geforce 3 agp, linksys lan, 40 gig 7200rpm maxtor hdd, creativr cd-rom, sony cd-rw, t-bird 900 cpu...any thoughts on my problems would help me out a ton. Im Lost. Thanks.
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  1. Heat?

    Back to you Tom...
  2. I just bought a new heatsink...With the old one after about 30 minutes of gamming it was around 120-125 with the new on its about 110-115
  3. Might be the board...the K7S is known to have a high defective percentage rate.

    Quick question....did you transfer over any hard drives without reformatting and such?

    :tongue: Have you ever tried cooking an egg on your HSF? Tasty. :tongue:
  4. OK, not too bad at all, please use metric in here as it's an international forum, and you could seriously freek someone out!

    Back to you Tom...
  5. What is your BIOS version?? need to have the latest to correct an issue with corrupting floppies under Win2K/XP/NT4....maybe this is why you can't use your boot disk.

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  6. trying to boot up has nothing to do with trying to access a floppy in w2k. otherwise i would have never been able to update the bios. and i had a problem with the k7s5a and cold boots, thing would restart 3x before it would get to windows. thought it was a psu problem, nope not that. well now i'm on a ga-7vtxp and the thing will actually make it to windows without resetting 3x. isn't technology something!
  7. I know i need to update the bios and thats what i was trying to do last night but i have not been able to get the thing to boot now for a day...everything just turns on and it sits activity. What could it be? It did a simular thing to a less degree on my last board so thats why im thinking it could be the cpu?
  8. my k7s5a did that when i tried to overclock the fsb to 266 on my 200fsb athlon...
    it just turned on, the hard drive spun up, and the computer sat there..
    so i reset the bios, and all was well..
    try that.


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