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Can this run Skyrim?

For additional information about the laptop, click here.

Hey guys, I have made three threads so far about various suckish laptops, but I think I really have my heart set on this one now. This laptop is very cheap and I've read reviews on it saying it can run crisis with 20+FPS, but its always better to double check. You can either click on the link above to be redirected to best buy for a wall-of-text information, or...

The following specs:

Processor: AMD VISION A6 APU
Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6520G
RAM: 4GB ( I intend to update it to its maximum 8GB in the future. )
Drive Capacity: 500GB

Thanks. If this can't run skyrim on the lowest setting with atleast 20FPS I'm going to be really depressed, because I thought this was perfect.
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  1. I don't have it yet though, thats the problem. I intend on buying it very soon.
  2. Check out the link I posted. It'll analyze your system and will tell you if you could run the game or not.
  3. I haven't bought it yet, but I plan to. I was just asking in advance.
  4. Still searching everyone, all feedback is appreciated!
  5. You may want to look for an another laptop.
    That HD 6520G is an integrated video card. It isn't even better than a GT420M.
    For some smooth HD/Blu-ray playback, it's good, but for gaming, not good.
    See if you can get another laptop for that same price.
  6. Do you atleast think it could run on low settings? If it can, I'm buying it. Its the cheapest one for decent graphics.
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    The problem is the resolution of the laptop. 1600x900 is a bit too high for the HD 6520g integrated core. If you play at 1366x768 resolution, then you should be able to get at least 20+ FPS with low settings.

    The other problem is that Skyrim is based on a totally new game engine, called Creation, that's been developed by Bethesda. No other game uses that game engine so there is no way to estimate possible performance.

    Since Skyrim is also being developed for consoles, the PC requirements should be relatively low. That is unless Bethesda pulls a "Rockstar" with a very badly coded PC version. Since Skyrim is only a DX9 game, then that makes it easier to run as well. I believe it is supposed to use some low level features of DX11, but setting the game compatibility mode to "Windows XP SP3 mode" should disable DX11.

    The good news is Skyrim will be releases on 11/11/2011 so if you buy the laptop and it can't play the game to your expectations, then you should be able to return the laptop. Check the return policy. If you can't afford to buy a more powerful laptop currently, then you need to save up money.
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  9. Thank you, best answer from all my threads created so far. You provided a statement and backed it up with facts, I applaud you. Now the next goal is to decide whenever or not I really do get a laptop or a computer. Its all about how often I travel, really.
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