Help with Suse 9.2 and windows xp dual boot

Yesterday I installed Suse 9.2 on my system, to dual boot with the existing Windows XP Pro SP2 installation I have on it. The Linux install went fine. It boots no problem. Now hoever, if I try boot into windows, I get an error screen with

NTLDR is missing,
Press Ctrl-Alt_Del to restart.

Which is common enough. I tried then to stick in the XP cd to get the recovery console and use the FIXMBR feature, but when I load up the disk, I get the screen
"Windows is inspecting your hardware configuration" (Just black screen white text at top, not like blue screen with progress bar at bottom like I had expected) fora few seconds and then it goes blank. The disk (76 Gb SATA disk) originally had just windows on it, bu the SUse YaST installation repartitioned it and shrank the windows installation from 75 to 45 and Linux took over the other 30Gb.

I really want to keep both OP Sys's running but priority is to get Windows back up and running. I know the files on the windows partition are all still there as I can see them in Suse File Manager so hopefully all is not lost. Is there any way to get both operating systems working at the same time now? Any help is greatfully appreciated.
Many thanks for your time and help!

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  1. Ok, it's been a long time since duel booting a PC between Windows and linux. It actually a really easy process.

    Format your hard drive and create two partitions.

    Install XP on the first partition.

    Then install Suse on the second partition.

    (Making one partition a couple of MBs smaller than the other partition can help identify which partition is which when you install linux.)

    After Suse is finished installing then reboot and choose between XP and Suse.

    You might want to check out the Suse forms at their site to see if there are any bugs regarding Suse 9.2 and duel booting.
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