Battlefield 3 image comparison

Which image do you think is better?


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  1. The top one (1) for me! I have a feeling that its from the i right?
  2. Uhh... I thought the second one looked better, sharper shadows, it looks a bit more... crispy? :)
  3. The way I did it was by opening them in separate windows side by side, zooming both pics and then observing the images in their depth of vision. I felt No.1 was sharper, because:
    1. The tree branches down the centre path seemed blurrier on No.2
    2. The sunrays in No.1 seemed brighter
    3. The distant shadows in No.1 seemed sharper, though the nearer ones seemed appealing in No.2
    4. Vegetation next to the hands is blurrier in No.2/ sharper in No.1. Same with the vegetation on the right side, next to the tree

    But then again, I wear specs! :sol:
  4. Thanks for your replies.
    Both images were taken using Fraps at 1920x1080. The first one is Ultra Preset and the second image is Low Preset.

    Currently my settings is set to High preset on Multiplayer. My opinion is that the low preset of Battlefield 3 still looks great although there are few noticeable jagginess but it is still not that far from the ultra preset.
    And the low preset doubles your framerate compared to ultra without losing so much quality.
  5. Interesting comparison. At least the way I see it when I'm looking at those screenies is that some of the elements in the second look better in the first picture, and viceversa. For instance, it seems the shadows are sharper in the second, but the detail on the gloved hands look better in the first.

    Oh heck, it's difficult :) But you're right, the game looks very good on lower settings as well.
  6. Interesting indeed.
    The second pic (low preset) looks really sharp whereas the first pic (ultra preset) looks kind of blurry. Neverthless, I like the first one.
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