Building a New Rig.....Any Suggestions?

After much reviewing and thread reading I'd like to buy either the Gigabyte GA-7DXR or Abit KG7-Raid. However, I'm aware that boards with the Kt266a chipsets are supposed to be a little better now than the AMD 761 boards. So this decision may change with your suggestions.

I've come across some threads on here from people running into pitfalls with both the GA-7DXR and KG7- RAID boards....(imagine that). My questions to you guys are these:

1. What are the pitfalls you've run into with either of these boards? Have most of these issues been worked out by now with either new drivers or just that people have figured out how to make things work?

2. Has anyone bought either of these boards and had to keep returning them cause they keep gettin defective ones? For the people who have either of these boards and are completly satisfied with stability and performance, I'd like to know where you bought one and what to look out for.

3. Any compatibility issues I need to know about? I hear soundblaster platinum 5.1 cards don't like the via southbridge chips. However, both of these boards use amd/via hybrids. I already bought a soundblaster platinum 5.1 w/ livedrive so what should I be aware of? Some people get it to work flawlessly, others can never get them to work.

4. Memory--what works and what doesn't? I hear crucial and corsair are what to get. Someone recomended to get Corsair PC2400 DDR cause it allows better overclocking. I'm not sure if I'm going to overclock from the beginning or not, so PC2100 might be ok. Also, I plan on running either Windows 2000 or XP, and I want to use 2 sticks of 256. Not sure about the Registered/Unbuffered issue either? Anything I should know about before I buy memory?

Here's the components I'd like to add if this helps:

1.4 AMD athlon 266 or Athlon XP 1600
Either a 7DXR or KG7-Raid
2 IBM 60gxp hard drives (40 Gbs each)(would like a RAID 0)
Poneer 106s slot DVD drive
Klipsch 4.1 (newer version) speakers
Rounded ATA 100 cables

Here's what I already have:

Soundblaster platinum 5.1 w/ live drive
Asus v8200 Deluxe Video card
Plextor 24/10/40 cd/rw
100 Mb Iomega Zip
Antec soho 1040b case (w/ 4 fans and 400 W PSU)

Also, what does everyone think of the IBM 60GXP drives? I've heard good and bad things about them
The Good-----awsome performance/stability
The Bad------they crap out fast, especially if you pit them in RAID and try to up your FSB

Thanks and I hope you can help!!

"If It Ain't Broke....Tweak It!!!"

"If It Ain't Broke....Tweak It!!!"
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  1. I can't give you any info on the abit or gigabyte boards. But I can tell you that occasionally you will get a bad board from almost any vender. I have the shuttle ak31 version 3.1, and it is definately a little faster than any of the amd 761 boards (it replaces an fic ad11 with that chipset). With alot of tweaking, I'm currently running my 1.2 at 1380, but the real difference is the speed and smoothness of games. You might have a problem with soundblaster and the via kt266a chipset, but I would gamble on it just for the extra speed. A quick bios upgrade and this board is ready for the xp if amd drops prices monday as expected. The abit version of this board is the kr7, and should be out soon. Shuttle ak31 will also get raid soon.
  2. I really wanted to go with a mobo from a reputably company, that's why I've been loooking at the Gigabyte 7DXR or the Abit Kg7 Raid. I'm not saying that there aren't other mobos out there from smaller/newer companies by any means, it's just that I've always believed experience is the best teacher. These boards are popular and I figured that since a lot of people have them, bugs would have been worked out and people would know exactly what to do if I run into problems.

    However, I hear that Gigabyte has just come out with a kt266a board, but it doesn't have on-board raid. If this mobo is good, I can just buy a good raid card

    I also hear that Abit is coming out with a kr7-raid board that has the kt266a chips on it.

    Again, things I want out of a board are:
    1. Stability
    2. Comatibility with the components I have and hope to get
    3. Speed
    4. Features
    5. One that works!

    I'd rather go with what works for most people already than get something that nobody knows how to deal with issues.


    "If It Ain't Broke....Tweak It!!!"
  3. Doesn't anyone have either of these mobos?

    "If It Ain't Broke....Tweak It!!!"
  4. Abits KG7Raid is prolly the best board using the AMD 761, i even asked here most everyone told me the same thing. I just bought the new ASUS board. ASUS and ABIT are my favs, but i REALLY wanted a board with the KT266A on it(ASUS A7V266E). Check out toms review on it and you will see why (pay close attention to the UT test........)

    Putting the LAUGH back in SLAUGHTER.
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