GTA IV working in Framerate on GT555M Why??

I buy a lenovo y570 ,with i7 2.2 ghz,nvidia gt555m 2gb and when I run the gtaIv game work in framerate,why? what program should I install? I install all update of gtaIV to 1.0.70 and nothing. Thx
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  1. done, I change in One Key on inteligent and its work....
  2. I quite well didn't get your question, even if you did find an answer for it.
  3. ???

    Yeah, I can't decipher what the guy is saying as well.
  4. I think he was wondering why GTA IV was such a poor port, running badly on his GT 555M video card? It seems that OneKey is a system recovery with Lenovo...
  5. sorry guys ,I don`t know why the game works now,becouse I install a different directx and nothing,after an restart the game works fine.I thik was the driver of video card becouse i install the new driver and after restart it warks.
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