Cant play my pc-game :/

It started ok, but when I wanted 2 play it, it said Script Error - Handler Not Defined

I can hit Continue, but when I want 2 press the city which I want 2 travel 2 (Like Norway), it just come up the same message and says Script error - Handler not defined. And in addition it writes under #getAt

What can I do 2 remove that message so I dont get any problems playing the game?

PS: This just happens on my bf machine, but when I want 2 put in the game at my comp it says 2 low memory. How can I upgrade memory on my laptop or how can I still play it. Is there any way I can play it even if I dont have enough memory? (Without buying a new comp.... Because that is out of the question).

PS: Posted this before, but I didnt get any replies. Its frustrating 2 see so many have read it but not even one can help with this, I dont think the question is 2 hard neither. So can u just reply back with ur toughts or maybe point me in the right direction. No so much pc-skills so would appreciate an explanation why I cant play it. Or if I need more info, let me know :) Thanx
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  1. maybe you will less frustrated if you actually bothered to tell us which game it is and what your computer specs are...

    I have no clue what you're talking about
  2. veronica-norway said:
    Or if I need more info, let me know :) Thanx

    Yes, we do need more info.
    Such as your system specs and the game which shows this problem.
  3. It my system specs it says: Processor; Celeron (R) Dual-Core CPU T3500 @ 2.10GHz 2.09 GHz

    Installed memory 2.00 GB (1.87GB Is usable)

    Systemtype: 64 Bit

    Its a Toshiba laptop, Modell Personel Computer

    Is that good enough information???? As I said, Im not a computer wiz, so If u need even more, maybe u can tell me where I can find it, so I can give u it.

    PS: The game is Backpacker Junior and can hit continue, but when i hit on the Map for Norway, the same message comes up, script error- handler not defined. After that its a complete stop and cant hit nothing else. Just the ''go back'' button.
  4. oh that's a pretty old game, do you have a shortcut on the desktop you're using to launch the game?

    if yes, right click on it, select Properties > Compatibility tab > choose run as windows 95 and check all the check boxes
    click OK to save settings, then try running the game

    if you don't have a shortcut on desktop and you launch it from start menu, then find the shortcut in start menu, right click on it and follow same instructions are above

    if that doesn't help your problem, try this: go to Start > Run > type in: dxdiag > hit ok
    when the dialog box comes up hit yes, then go to display tab and find the button that says disable direct draw. hit ok to save settings and try the game.
    if this doesn't work, make sure to go back and re-enable directdraw because it might give you errors in other programs if you leave it off

    lets see, if nothing else works, make sure your game is patched
  5. ^+1
    Use compatibility mode and see if the problem persists.

    PS: Which OS are you using?
    If it's Windows 7, try using Virtual XP mode.
  6. Forgot to add this,
    Viryual XP works only with Win7 Enterprise, Ultimate or Professional. If it's Win7 Home basic or home premium, it won't work.
  7. Im using Windows 7 Home Premium. And the computer that I though was best was my boyfriends. On mine I cant play it cuz it says 2 little memory. Can send u the specs on that comp 2morrow possibly. Be out all day, but I try 2 come each day here 2 check if theres any replies 2 my post :)
  8. now the screen is totally gray and almost colourless, I tried ur solving thing, but that made the screen go totally black after the compability thing, and there was two boxes in a square, but as It was black I couldnt see what it said. And also I thought that It have helped when I used the windows95 as u said, but still the #atGet message thing came up. What should I do next? Its quite a old game, but was one of my favourites and still is I think.... If I could just play it again :) That would be great.
  9. New post: The colour came back when I managed 2 close the program. Next when I wanted to hit the Backpacker Junior launcher, witch is on my start tab, I immidiately get up this message> script error - handler not defined and under there it writes #EVENTQ

    What does this mean? How can I play my game :/
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