Major Problem with intel 845 chipset

Well this is my first post, because I am really stumped on this one. I have Biostar M7TDB running a pentium 4 1.5ghz and the Intel 845 chipset. Here is my problem.

Started with a new ATI 64meg Radeon, that conflicted with the PCI Bus, or SMbus as the bios sees it on IRQ 11, thus no PNP detection of other devices. I have since swapped with an s3 pci card, same thing. BIOS reports both devices on IRQ 11, which is standard for Video Cards. Since there is no driver installed for the video card in windows, you cannot manually set an irq. So, I manually installed the drivers for the s3 and the video is working, but the computer locks up evertime going into device manager now. I have just about every irq using device disabled, both serial, parallel, usb, and on board audio. On boot, the bios reports 3 irqs being used, two of them are 11 SMbus and display adapter.

Any idea on how I could around this would help.
I am running win98se, I just flashed the bios and installed the newest Intel drivers for the chipset with no luck.
I have cleared the bios, and looked at just about everything in the bios. I reserved irq 11, but it just put both devices on irq 10.

Thanks, please hurry :)

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  1. Well it was simple, I guess. What I ended up doing was in safe mode I yanked the display adapter, remembering that it is usually one of the last things windows detects. And bam, rebooted, pci bus no longer had a conflict, let the pnp autodetecting begin. Whooohoooo. We are in business.
  2. Goodeal.

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