Tron 2.0(You cannot beat me at this game!!)

Please download the <A HREF="" target="_new">Tron 2.0 Multiplayer Demo</A>.

Solely for the multiplayer lightcycle game. You wouldn't believe how addicting it is. And I don't get addicted easily seeing as how I have gamer-ADD.

There aren't enough people playing so I'm trying to recruit. (Look for me in the 6 and 8 player games. My id is always "Dirk". And you can usually find me at the top of the rankings ;) ).


"<i>I'm seriously you guys.</i>" - Cartman
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  1. biggady


    "<i>I'm seriously you guys.</i>" - Cartman
  2. bump


    "<i>I'm seriously you guys.</i>" - Cartman
  3. lol, thanks for telling us. This game is awesome. I haven't quite figured out the disc throwing one yet, but the lighscycle is great.

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  4. Yea, I haven't either. I've heard it's fun once you learn the controls, but that's where I turn it in. If I have to "learn" something, I'm out. Gamer ADD ya know.


    "<i>I'm seriously you guys.</i>" - Cartman
  5. omg man

    you must suck at RPSs then . or mmorpg loL!

    ive been playin AO for a year, and i still am a noob


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  6. Who cares, if it doesn't take hand-eye coordination. With the exception of rpG's. RPS? And I'm very good at RPG's thank you very much. As long as it doesn't bore me of course.

    Ooohhh, I'm being outsmarted at a game. Oh no. What ever will I do?

    I will self-proclaim myself as the worst player in the world at MMORPRG's. BORING!


    "<i>I'm seriously you guys.</i>" - Cartman
  7. Eye-hand is for beginners...strategy is for pro's

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  8. I disagree. Strategy is for those without good hand-eye coordination. Ever sice playing video-games at Putt-Putt back in the mid to late 80's, games were always about skill. Not your mental capacity to decide whether to send your troops to kills this town etc. I understand thinking is a part of games, but it's just not thrilling. At least to me.


    "<i>I'm seriously you guys.</i>" - Cartman
  9. "I disagree. Strategy is for those without good hand-eye coordination."

    I have a dood hand-eye coordination, and I am quite good at FPS games, but I also like to play strategy games some times.

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  10. was a bad allusion to something Patton said in WWII..."Tactics is for beginners, logistics is for pros."...Have fun...

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  11. Some of my above statement are out of bitterness. I've got a very simplistic view on games and people's ability to play them. Strategy/Sims I just really don't get. Could someone explain what makes these games so enthralling?

    I just rented Burnout 2 and let me tell you that game is FUN! It's a PERFECT example of where hand-eye coordination rules all. They space the traffic just enough to where the user can skillfully weave through cars while blasting the turbo. Good stuff.


    "<i>I'm seriously you guys.</i>" - Cartman
  12. I dont care for (The) Sims type games. But I am a big fan of Strategy games(and FPS). Hmm, why do I like Strategy games. . .

    Building yourself, advancing through technology, you have the power.
    You build defences, spy on your enemies, prepare for battle.
    Build, build, think about what your enemy has and how do counter-act it.
    Amass your armies, with proper combinations of units to give skills and abilities to your army.
    Crash into the enemy defences and troops. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, move these here, that there. Must get through, must destroy!
    Re-build, kill, attack, fight it out.
    Go and go until there is nothing left of anyone.

    Thats why I like strategies.

    EDIT: Also, it requires fast moves <i>and</i> thinking about what you're doing. :) You cant blame your loss on a RTS because of sweaty hands or blinking. And, for the most part, the system requirments of RTS' tend to be lower than FPS', allowing more people to play them.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Starion15 on 07/16/03 07:13 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  13. My favorite aspect of strategy games is playing a level where I get beaten...then I go back with a new strategy and get beaten again...Finally after many tries I bring the hammer down on the enemy and pummel his puny civilization into dust. <i>That</i> is satisfaction, my friend. However, I also enjoy FPS type games. I am pretty good at unreal tounament, and love space flight sims. I really get my jollies off of RTS games, though.

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  14. Well guys, you explained that pretty well. I can definately see the draw for ppl with an attention span higher than that of a squirrel.

    I, on the other hand, do not. Maybe that would explain why I'm always running into oncoming traffic.


    "<i>I'm seriously you guys.</i>" - Cartman
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