What should I upgrade for Skyrim?

Usually when a big anticipated game comes out I get everything I can to have it on "Ultra" settings. But I really have no clue what makes a big difference, so I will list my Specs and tell me what I will upgrade. I have set a 500 dollar limit for myself on this. I am upgrading for Skyrim.

Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate
Intel core 2 cpu 6700 @ 2.66GHZ (Overclocked to 2.7, I could barely overclock this thing sadly)
6144MB ram (6 gigs of ram)
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L Core2
ATI Radeon HD 5700

I also need a new Monitor which would be nice since Im currently using a TV. I am willing to upgrade my Motherboard.
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  1. You need to upgrade yo mind son, cause its gonna be blown!

    PS. your comp looks fine to me, i would say monitor if anything.
  2. with only 5 days till the game, man you're kinda late with questions. I think you'll be ok, CPU/GPU/ram looks fine.

    we don't know how much you'll need for ultra since this game is developed for consoles first, so nobody is sure how much more eye candy there will be available.
  4. Oh my I love Tomshardware. Thanks and I was thinking about getting a Core i3-2100 Dual Core ( http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004JEVGMO/ref=asc_df_B004JEVGMO1769162?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&tag=pg-408-34-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395097&creativeASIN=B004JEVGMO ) But the upgrade is most likely worth it. And not wanting to spam the fourms, whats the best Monitor for under 200?
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