Need urgent Help - Xbox360 Drives

OK.. so i recently bought a broken xbox ; that the drive didnt work, for 40 bucks why? cus im cheap...
So i decided to take my DVD drive out of my Old xbox and put in my new xbox
but nooo Microsoft had to have a special serial for each motherboard/drive
soooo my problem is

How do i Flash Or rewire (solder)
My Philips Code or Chipset into my hitachi drive.

ive heard you can upload the philips code to your pc from a program
and then upload/replace the code to your hitachi drive...

my goal is

For a General guide or full guide
on how to Flash the philips code
onto the hitachi drive so its
compatible with my xbox so it reads disk
and doesnt get me banned
im not looking for any mod
but just a simple Fix this
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  1. Bumperoo
  2. It is called "spoofing" the drive. Basically you are taking a drive that is not meant to go into that Xbox and fooling the Xbox into thinking it should be there. Google "spoofing xbox 360 drive" and you will find tons of info.

    I will give you this warning, I know someone who repairs 360's for a living and he has told me NEVER to do this. To go out and find the drive brand and model that it should have in it. Why? Because down the road it can cause the console to red ring. He said it is fairly common.
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