ASUS doesn't support Win XP? (A7A266)

Three months ago I installed an ASUS A7A266 motherboard with an Athlon 1.2 GHz cpu and a Micron 256MB DDR memory card. My Win Me system has run solid and fast from the first boot. I'm trying to upgrade to Win XP. After installation files are copied and the system reboots, I get a blue screen error message that says my hard drive is corrupted and can't be repaired. My Maxtor 13GB ATA drive is actually fine. After talking to Maxtor and Microsoft, I believe the problem is in the BIOS. As of today, the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List shows that the A7A266 is compatible with other Windows versions, but not XP. A tech support person at ASUS told me that "we don't support Windows XP" and would not discuss my problem. He wouldn't even give an indication as to whether or when ASUS would support Win XP and/or issue a new BIOS that would make my board compatible.

By the way, I'm trying to do an upgrade install of Win XP Home over my Win Me installation on a FAT32 drive. Has anyone else gotten this board to work with Win XP?
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  1. ouch that sucks i have the same setup not a single problem but then again i have the FULL winxp pro and did a fresh install which might be your problem. i ahve always run across problems with upgrades of os.
  2. i agree, i definitely wouldn't go for upgrading. clean install usually gives the best results. also i was talking to a guy from gigabyte today. i had some questions about bios and we got into a discussion on this very topic (being MS compatible). well come to find out, intel and via aren't the only ones throwing their weight around and MS doesn't just stick to software companies either. in order for your companies mobo to be "windows compatible". there are certain features in bios which cannot be present. some are small features, but one in particular he told me about which p#sses me off is no enable/disabling "Plug-n-Play Aware OS". which from all the comps i've had, windows (and devices" operate a lot smoother with this feature disabled. now you can either have 10 devices (like i do currently) on one IRQ or install windows with the "standard computer" driver, which i've heard isn't all that great either. sigh, oh when oh when will a nice suite of video editing tools be ported to linux :frown:
  3. Thanks, teknoman and mbetea. Since I have a new 80 GB drive that I've not yet installed, I think I'll do a clean install on the new drive using NTFS and move the old FAT32 drive to D: for easy file transfer.
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