Experience with Razer Starcraft 2 Peripherals

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Starcraft 2 branded Razer peripherals (keyboard, mouse, headset). I've seen them used in some tournament play, and thought they were cool because of the lighting system that changes with the speed of your playing, but I'm unsure how good they actually are for gaming besides that little lighting gimmick. Has anyone tried these?
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    not all there kit is good. there higher priced mice and headsets are good gaming perifs. but there mice do have a tendency to stop reading the middle mouse click... that 1 in particular is similar performance wise to the new lachesis and naga both suffer the middle mouse problem.
    there headsets i found to be pretty fragile. but the starcraft 1s look very robust unlike the Carcharias and orcas. sound wise they will be hard to fault.
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