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hello new to the site, i used to do a bit of pc gaming several years ago with a x2 6000 3.1ghz, 4GB ram at 800mhz and a zotac 8800gt which died. at current im a console gamer on the ps3 and xbox and also play battlefield 3 on the ps3 which i enjoy. now my desktop is still in working order with a fresh install of windows 7 and it runs very nice for day to day stuff. There is no chance i can upgrade the cpu as the mobo is limited to dual core and i also bought this: as i thought it was a good bargain and with a years warranty, it will at least let me play my steam games again, eg dawn of war 2, mw2 etc etc but my big question is.. will this setup work well with bf3? i hear its better optimized for dual cores? i could be wrong, i used to play bad company 2 medium/high on my old set up. even if it looks like the console standard i would be happy, i just miss using these controls to be honest. and replies would be great. thank you :)
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  1. My old rig was running a 9800gt with an old athlon 5000 cpu, and 4gigs of ram, it ran bf3 on lowest settings and resolution on the beta, though not very well at all. I think all around you could use a bit more beef to handle bf3 and make the performance consistent.
  2. My understanding of BF3 is it is very GPU dependent, so a graphics upgrade would probably be better than a CPU upgrade. Of course a new system would be better, but I think a graphics update would get you by for now while you save for a system upgrade.
    Since you'll need new mobo, ram, and CPU on that dead-end board this is what I recommend unless you're ready to do the whole shebang.
  3. DelroyMonjo said:

    Yes, that article shows under CPU scaling that BF3 really doesn't care about how many cores you are using above 2.
  4. thanks for the replies and the link is helpful.
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