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Really dont know what to do, Should i Buy MW3 from Steam or get it on the disk, idk if its true but are the servers diffrent between the steam version and the disk ?

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  1. Am Stuck for witch to buy i dont know weather to buy MW3 from steam or buy the disk if people could but there answear and give me a reason why to help me decide

  2. If you have Fast Internet and Lots of Bandwidth or Unlimited Download it Through Steam.

    If your Internet is Slower, and it'd take you awhile to download the game then buy the disk And Install it.

    Its more of a hassle to go to the store but maybe quicker.

    Your going to have to decide.

    I'm pretty sure theirs 0 Diffirence from the download version and the retail version other than a Nice Box (if it's a nice Box lol).

  3. yeah, thats what i fort till a friend said to me you'd only be able to play steam servers but i dont know witch ones would be more popular am leaning towards steam because i know id be able to add poeople but i dont, know if the disk version has a add and invite feature with it being for a pc

  4. Both Versions use Steam. So What your friend told you was False. If you buy it retail, you'll install it and it'll be in your Steam games, and obiously if you download it it'll be in your steam games.

    they both use the same servers and so On.

  5. I prefer DVD, but that's just me.

    Downloading a digital copy from Steam does have it's advantages though.
  6. The only reason I would prefer retail over digital is that you always have your physical copy with you. Agreed, Steam has advanced by leaps and bounds, but there's always the element of doubt in the future.....hacking, servers crashing, etc. I guess that even in those scenarios Steam would restore/ compensate, etc its users, but still, the user ultimately wants his game ready to be played as and when he/ she wants.

    But nowadays, even if you buy retail, there are many games which require you to have Steam and even upon installation from the DVD, you'll need to download certain files/ patches from Steam. So you'll still need Steam like the posters said above. However, there's a big difference between downloading a patch, etc (which usually ranges between 40 mb to 500 mb, or at worst 1 gb) and downloading a full game (which can run upto 15 GB and would take a long time to download!). So yeah, pro's and con's on both.

    That said, I do like steam! 70% of my collection is from Steam, but that was because those titles were dirt cheap and really couldn't be ignored! For that reason alone, I love steam!
  7. Nope! Servers will remain the same. I usually go for retail because they're loads cheaper. For eg, BF3 on Steam was $50 while I got the limited edition on DVD for $20.

    But with MW3, they're priced roughly the same, so really doesn't matter. Steam and DVD will both give you the same gambit. However, Steam servers may be more packed with traffic due to the ever increasing number of users on it.
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  9. I'd go for the Steam version if it was at the same price or less.
    As with any PC games which use Steam the retail copies install, active with steam then (from my experience) update.
    Generally they release some last minute bug fixes or tweaks between the time the supplier burns the retail disks to the actual release.

    Where as if you pre-load with Steam it auto updates before the release as well as giving you access to the game the second it is released.
  10. Physical copy of a game is what I prefer.
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